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What is electronics?

Students of engineering have to learn the subject of electronics. Electronics is the science of controlling electric energy that is necessary in our present life. Energy in electronics plays an important role. This electronics deals with electrical circuits which add active electrical components like transistors, integrated circuits, vacuum tubes, and diodes. These circuits also involve passive electrical components.

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Branches of electronics:

There are many branches of electronics. These are:

  1. Circuit design
  2. Semiconductor device
  3. Analogue electronics
  4. Digital electronics
  5. Microelectronics
  6. Integrated circuit
  7. Semiconductor
  8. Embedded Systems
  9. Optoelectronics

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Types of circuits:

There are two types of circuits that are very important to learn for the students of electrical engineering. These are:

  • Analog circuits
  • Digital circuits

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