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The technique of cost minimization aims at determining the labor and capital that you need for producing the output at the least cost. Hence, it aims at minimizing the cost of production without compromising the quality of the product. After the short-run, all the profits of the companies are negligible. Hence, in the long-run, the firm gets the advantage over all aspects.

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Its flexibility

In the cost minimization homework help, you can determine how the company gets flexible by minimizing the costs of production. We already know that the business gets an advantage in the long-run as the profits are considered negligible. Some firms exit the market while some enter. Now the companies have to decide on certain things.

  • It has to determine the number of workers or the labor needed.
  • The next thing they should identify is the technology or resources they should use for producing the product.

Hence, the above the two types of inputs used here. After this, you have to decide whether you should increase the labor or the resources for developing that product. In this case, you will face two types of situation.

  • More labor and less capital.
  • More capital and less labor.

Hence, the companies have to decide.

How to determine the cheapest production rate?

You can determine the most affordable rate by using the cost minimization rule. However, you can also refer the cost minimization homework help to learn the method in detail. The simple explanation is as follows.

  • First, you have to determine the total cost of labor and money needed for producing the product along with its quality.
  • Make a choice with the minimized price.
  • One way to know the reduction of cost is present or not is by diving the marginal product of labor by wage, and the marginal product of capital by rental price. Both of them should be equal.

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