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Comprehend Some Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Have Homework

by Apr 12, 2016Homework Help

Homework is something which students are familiar with to a great extent. They simply can’t steer clear of such issue as this is not only essential for enhancing knowledge or skill but also ideal for creating a good impression in front of the educators. Hopefully, you are also from the similar beck and there are more things which you have to know regarding the completion of your homework assigned by your tutors. However, there is another perspective that most of us simply overlook and loads of reasons can be there for which pupils should not assign this work. But, do you know some reasons why we shouldn’t have homework?

Well, this is an important question and majority of us are unaware of those factors for which we should not be given homework or assignment. Some prolific reasons are going to be mentioned over here and after going through the rest part of this post, you will certainly come to know reasons why we shouldn’t have homework.

Our teachers must understand these issues to some extent. Otherwise, being educatees, we have to experience so many difficulties in our daily lives. After all, our tutors play a great role in building our career and lifeand we never imagine them less than our parents. So, this is their responsibility to understand our complexities, isn’t?

Now, check out those reasons why we shouldn’t have homework on a regular basis. It would show you the way through which you may be capable of making your teacher realize your problems or complications. Hope, he or she will stand with you if your reasons are convincing enough. Besides, there are some common issues for which teachers shouldn’t create loads or burdens on us.

5 reasons why we shouldn’t have homework:

There may be so many points those will pose for the students in this case but some of the important issues are going to be discussed below. Have a look at them and if you are an educator or going to be that in the upcoming days, it will pave the way for you so that you can be capable of getting respect and friendly support from your disciplines.

  1. Our family needs us:

Well, the first and foremost point that can be cited here is related to our family life. Students have to pass almost 6 to 7 hours a day in their schools, right? Hope, you are not an exception to it. On the other note, extracurricular activities are there and naturally, you don’t get enough time for your family. If I am not incorrect, you want your parents and other family members for more hours, isn’t? And this is the reason for which it is better for you and all of us not to have homework daily. It can snatch our happiness as we don’t get enough time to spend with our family members.

  1. We need mental relaxation:

Tutors should remember that we all are humans and not machines and we do need rest. After passing almost half of the day in doing work related to studies and other needed activities, we require mental peace. Otherwise, we may feel distressed and disgraced too. Frustration may prevail and thus, we can’t do things promptly. So, this is mandatory to avoid mental stress and that can only be done when our teachers will understand the reasons why we shouldn’t have homework every day. I guess, you will agree with me on this point, right?

  1. Homework is not the ultimatum:

Besides, educators must remember that homework or assignment is not everything. All we need is to study hard and take excel to our scores by understanding the subject matter from the core section. This can never be done with doing homework only. There is a requirement of reading between the lines and have a grip on the topic. If we have to waste our time only by doing homework and not studying hard, it is the biggest loss for all of us. That’s why there is a rationale or debate should students have homework over holiday break when they get enough time for making acompletion to their homework.

  1. We require social life also:

Besides, there is another significant answer to the question of reasons why we shouldn’t have homework. Well, like other beings, we also require possessing a social life and after spending a great many hours in the school or college, we don’t have much time for having a social life. I think you also have to face this troublesome condition, isn’t? And again if there is a burden of fulfilling homework or assignment or project, time gets highly limited. For this reason, we must not be pressurized with tons of homework for which our social and cultural life gets affected to a great extent.

  1. We all are not similar:

Last but not the least, most of the tutors are found to forget that every child is not same and they are different from each other. That’s why everybody cannot take the pressure or burden of homework in a similar way. Some students are seen to take things quite easily and some are found not to be okay with it. So, educators have to be concerned regarding these issues and for a teacher, every child must be same. He or she should never be partial and must remember the reasons why we shouldn’t have homework daily. Complete and clear understanding is perfect for both parties in that case.

Well, these are those essentialities which a tutor must follow or at least he or she should be aware of these facts to some extent. Remember, a teacher is not to be strict only, he or she have to spread a friendly assistance towards the educatees and here lies the success of an educator.

So, being a teacher, you must remember the reasons why we shouldn’t have homework and on the other hand, we, the students should also stay well-informed about these factors. At least, through this way we can convince our tutors to some extent, right?