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Get a Judicious Answer to Homework Should Be Given or Not Debate to Help Students

by Apr 12, 2016Homework Help

In present times, the whole mode of academic education is undergoing a massive change. Apart from fact that it has improved to a great extent, there has been certain issues that have come to the forefront, and with which certain important decisions have to be taken, or have been taken. Ranging from the types of academic education to that of various other facets of this, its future causes and other details, one can see that this aspect of education has undergone a huge amount of change. Naturally, with new techniques emerging, there has been a whether homework should be given or not debate.
Given, the current situation of students, it is truly an important and raging question that needs immediate answering. If not a proper conclusion, one can surely check out what can be associated issues with it, that needs proper care. For that, one needs to primarily understand certain basic concepts, and their plus points and negative features before drawing a conclusion.
What is this concept of homework?
In general terms, homework is a mode of recapitulation of previous day’s work. In this way, students can get a complete idea of the base and finally proceed in present day’s work. In this way, a student does not feel detached with that specific topic, and in this way, students can maintain a continuity of topics. Hence, understanding of certain concepts, connecting associated points and such other issues associated with it can get a forefront. In this way, students are people who should benefit in great manner, and that should help in their academic career.
This is exactly where need for a homework should be given or not debate arises. Since, this issue has a host of points associated with itself, both in positive and negative domain, so it is extremely essential that it should be well differentiated. In case of this differentiation, students too can understand what their demands could lead too, and how it would affect their career in long run.
Raging on homework should be given or not debate:
From traditional times, homework has been a means to increase one’s retention capacity, helping one to recapitulate what was their previous day’s work and how can they improve on it in a better manner. Hence, initially we would talk about positive effects that a homework would have on students.

  • Recapitulation:

It is human nature to leave out certain unwanted details once human minds are out of that domain. Hence, in the first place, students tend to leave out each and every detail that has been given by their teachers once they reach home. In this way, that subject which has been initially taught is easily forgotten, and next day when teachers go in for a recap mode,  students seems to have completely forgotten that.
In this way, certain concepts remain unclear to them, or at times they lose out connections. Hence, with a homework as a follow up, students will be getting a chance to recollect their subjects at their academic institutions and this will help them in making this subject easier to connect. So in this whole homework should be given or not debate, this point itself can be a king!

  • Close teacher student bonding:

This is one mode by which teachers and students can come closer to each other. While completing his or her homework, it is natural that students will face certain problems. They will now get a chance to connect with their teachers and clarify their doubts. So any type of issues that might be their between them can be sorted.

  • Preparing for tests:

This is a very important factor in homework should be given or not debate.  With a regular connect with subjects that homework helps in keeping, students can actually prepare themselves for annual or end of month tests. In this way, they do not have to study in any other form, and thus can eventually get a way to make this process easier. Hence, students are always on their toes ready for any academic challenge that might come their way.

  • Developing of thinking power:

Generally students are very interested in spoon feeding methods. Given a chance they would not want to do any work by themselves. Under such state of affairs, it is important that they be given proper homework and such assignments to be completed, so that they can think about that subject in a specific manner, and complete their work on time.
Since, all questions in a homework assignment are not easy, hence they have to think properly, and this itself generates process of self-thinking in them. Hence, in this whole homework should be given or not debate, one should never leave out how it can be important for students in long run, to understand and analyse a subject by means of homework.
Certain other issues that should be concerned:
Just as we discussed, what could be the positive effects that a homework assignment can have on a student, it is very important to discuss, that there can be certain not so good effects on them as well.

  • Time for relaxing:

After a hard day at work, each and every individual wishes to relax. Even for students it is important that they should get some time off, so that their minds can get diversion. The primary reason for this homework should be given or not debate happens to be the lack of time, that students get to spend with themselves, pursuing certain hobbies loved by them.

  • Unfair means:

This can be stated as one of the raging points of homework should be given or not debate. This is simply because, students under such state of pressure can actually end up using certain unfair means to complete their work. In this way, rather than learning certain important points, or recapitulating their topics that have been studied, they end up copying certain things that have already been done. Thus, in this way, students are more harmed than benefitted.
Thus, before taking any decision, it is important that academicians and people associated with any type of decision making committee get into both these aspects and take a formal decision.
This whole homework should be given or not debate is a topic that has been raging for time immemorial, though there is no proper judicious answer to it. Hence, it is best that a balanced and rational decision be taken in this regard, that would help out students in long run, and they can reap best benefits out of it.