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Cases in Financial Management Answers to Get the Apparent Experience in Tactical Manner

by Jul 19, 2018Finance

Finance management is the topic which often provides headaches and Goosebumps to the reader. But to study it in deep and understand the cases of the entire financial management results in clear thoughts about the entire topic.
To make a friendly introduction to finance reader must have the primary knowledge about it. At the ground level, a person must have the keen interest to understand basic financial management tricks in routine life experiences. This will make you connect with the subject in a personal manner with the cases in financial management answers for betterment. While studying with the text provides you with the theoretical demonstration but when u connects it into daily life it feels closer and easier to understand.
About financial management:
Financial management is the theory which every individual practice in one or the other manner. The financial management is all about funds, money, investment, profit and many other things relative to money. Including a small firm to multinational business, the proper balance in financial management leads to exceptional profits. Hence in studying the finance excluding the theoretical parts the cases in financial management answers have the maximum focus. By solving these cases the student gets an idea to deal with a particular situation to manage the finances in a profitable manner.
Case studies:
There are millions of case studies which provide the situations to the learners to deal with the realistic cases and find out the solutions. These cases are according to the situations which the business professionals confront in the business schedule. Here are certain types of cases in financial management answers which the students solve to get a proper idea of the situations which they may deal with when they come to the real world.
Case 1#
This type of case consists of the deep study from the perspective of the executives relative to the corporate sector. The investment banking and commercial banking are the major sectors which have the potency to deal with this type of case. The case consists of the strategic financial analysis of management with the parallel analysis of the final result of the decision. The case comprises many such topics which make the student experience the practical approach towards the cases of financial management answers. These answers are the type of decisions which when applied in the proper business program can have the impact in a positive or an aversive manner.
Topics and discussions and learning:

  • The valuation consisting of DCF and multiple analyses including the various financial rates accordingly to the financial structure of the organisation.
  • Various tools of decision making in cases in financial management answers like peer analysis of multiple and financial ratio categories, ROC, EVA, Option analysis including the WACC and DCF.
  • Working on capital management is another important practice in the content of this case. This is an important factor which relates the investment and ground capital which is useful in the end profit of every financial year. The cases in financial management answers of the various categories are relative to capital management in one or the other way.
  • The capital resource allocation and optimal structure of capital is the integral topic which is necessary to study in this case. The complete mathematical data of leverage buyout and mergers rely on the capital resource and its structure.
  • The spinning of interest rates according to the bank rates and managing the currency are present in the course so that the management of finances is to be managed according to the market.
  • The knowledge of hybrid securities like warrants, convertible bond and LYON’s is present in the cases in financial management answers because these are very much helpful in the aversive situation in case of loss of debt and bankruptcyin bulk.
  • The “managing wall street” is one of the new topics which are introducing the new relationship of corporate governance and business world. This helps the business grow with the help of corporate support and gets the prime profit with least investment. The corporate governance gets the hold over the business stakes in the market and in the annual profits as well.

Process to solve the case:
There is the deep study of cases in financial management answers because of its detailing structure of study and vast syllabus. The syllabus and its topic require not only the theoretical but the practical attention to understand the topic in a positive manner. Hence to solve the cases the students follow a special process which includes many stages. These stages have the proper space to understand and cover all the content of the particular case. The stages and process vary with every case because of its variable content and syllabus. The stages for the above case are:

  • The most primary section to solve the case is to study the complete matter in theory matter. There the books referral of “The principles of corporate finance” of Bearley and Myers 7th edition is quite helpful in such case. The notes of Harvard university available online help a lot in cases of financial management answers which provides the update points and knowledge accordingly.
  • The practical knowledge of the case is the topic of analysis which is performed by the students through the computer by solving the virtual data of investment, capital and profits. This makes aware to solve and manage the finances.

The problems need the student to be proficient in excel and have to solve the data according to DCF ( data cash flow) and analysed understanding the WACC ( weight average cost of capital). The cash data statement, investment statement, income statement and balance sheet must have the complete clear and match data. The cases in financial management answers need this analysis because to solve this in this manner provides the student with a proper experience to solve the data in future.

  • While solving the case the group discussion and activity participation is also necessary so that you can explain the data you have solved.

Finally, the case solution ends with the case writes up which includes the complete experience of the case throughout the time period and positive parts which one has learned.