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Best Strategies for Your Child How Not to Forget Homework

by Jun 23, 2016Homework Help

A cute bag and bag full of homework have a pretty close relation. Isn’t it? Thinking what is I speaking about?
You are guessing it absolutely perfect. All I want to say is about homework assigned to them. Even though I am aware enough of the fact that most students hate doing homework. They try finding the best way to avoid. They start making excuses. Sometimes this list of excuses never ends. Oh sometimes even do you hear from your child that they have got no homework.
And then, the next day you found out that your kid was punished for not bringing homework in time. So you are messed with all these problems, and suffering to solve them? Then you are on the right track now. Do not worry! I can help you out of this tragedy.
You may be trying several ways to convince your child that homework is necessary for better grades. But you finally end up getting disheartened. Right? Don’t feel low that is not your fault obviously. There are thousands of parents out there craving for one practical solution to this problem.
The truth that we must keep in mind is that that they are kids. They don’t take things seriously as you do. So instead of creating a battlefield at home, keep an eye on your child. Let them realize that homework is compulsory for grades. Nothing can be best than self-realizations.
So it’s not just you laboring on your child’s passing grades and homework. There are many other parents too trying to banish this problem from their life. Here I suggest some strategies which you can follow to eradicate the issue from your life:

  1. Set a mandatory homework mundane-

It’s your duty to make a daily routine for your child when they complete their homework only. It will help even more if you allow the same time regularly. Keep track on your kids’ homework and classwork. If you find your child telling that there is no homework given, verify it before believing. Sit beside your child, spend some time with him or her when he or she is struggling with homework. Your presence might encourage and motivate your little one.

  1. Aim for a greater goal-

If you find your kid complaining about the homework schedule then start thinking differently. Do not go in any argument. Ask your child what they are up to, what they want for birthday or Christmas. Try playing cool. Now suppose your kid asked for something then motivate him like if you want that you need to prove yourself so that I am sure enough to give you what you want. Make them understand that abiding by the rules is so needed not just in homework issues but more importantly in real life. Earn their trust and get them do their homework.

  1. Make your kid familiar with being successful-

Now this is obvious that your child is not at all well aware of life, competition. The first thing you have to do is to make them take homework seriously. It is necessary to make them feel that everyone of us will have to work against our will, desire, some day or the other. So you are just working on it and trying to keep them in practice. This will lead your kid to understand you and will help them being successful in the long run.

  1. One on one coaching

One on One Coaching is preferred by those working parents. If they feel that they are unable to give their kid proper attention and time, then try this. Heard from many of parents that customizing this plan helped them out. What I am just repeating it is all about practice and nothing else. Your kid is now just a piece of clay. He or she will act what you will make them learn. That’s simple.

  1. Bribe them with some incentives-

Yes that’s cute. Not always you will scold them or make them do their homework. Sometimes you can just play some tricks like telling them to do their homework on time, and you will let them play a video game. This works sometimes. Breaking rules, making exceptions might help out of the most unexpected problems.
What I was speaking so long was about small kids. But I must not ignore those growing up teens. Ignoring their problems won’t be a fair deal. Moreover, matters related to teens are much more complicated. You can’t force or lecture or threat your teenager girl or boy to do their homework. It might create a negative effect on the issue. Teens are to be handled with care. You have to be friendly with them.
The first thing you must do is have an open discussion on the matter. As usually try to convince them about their homework and its usefulness. Try to discover the reason for their not doing homework. If the problem seems lucid, solve it immediately. Do not linger on that issue. Just be friendly so that your kid comfortably opens up to you without hesitating. Do not force or yell or lecture or nag!
I guess some reasons why teens might not do their homework willingly. Want to know what?
Ok, let me just unwind the probable causes –

  • Maybe your child is tired after school hours, and that tiredness might be the reason that makes him lazy.
  • Find out if your kid is afraid of something and he or she is scared to share it with you. Maybe friends are bullying.
  • Is your child depressed about something?
  • Mental health issues can also be the problem.
  • Or has your kid come under the influence of some spoiled brats?
  • Anxiety disorder can also cause the same.
  • The last probable cause is a lack of motivation.

I have sketched all the causes, now you being a parent will know well what can help your kid the most. You have all the solutions just open your eyes wide enough to pick up the solutions. Do not copy, try being creative. As long as they are happy, everything will work smoothly on them.  Though some teens need to be controlled at the right time, in the right situation.
Whoever it may be kids or teens set a limit to your expectations. Set them a goal or help to set them their goal. Be their strength and support. Answer them whenever they need you, however, busy you may be. Well, establishing rules and setting a composite mundane should not be forgotten. Add some cream to the cake, save for them some exceptions and smart tricks.
Now that you have come to know every tits and bits of life. So the sooner you adapt the techniques, the more helpful it will be. Stop this friction between you and your child revising a world war again at home! Think bright, keep simple. Make them feel responsible and liable of their own works. Start trying from today itself.