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Are You Studying the Wrong Way? Know the Effective Methods

by Oct 29, 2016Homework Solutions

Oftentimes, it has been seen that students study a lot which, however, is not reflected in the results. They labour hard, study all the time and yet cannot achieve the grades that they want. Are you one of those students? Have you been studying all day and night and without achieving the appropriate results? Think that your effort is for nothing? Wondering why is that so? Well, the reason behind this is you might be studying in a wrong way.
There are different ways and techniques to study, and you might not be doing accordingly. While it is true, there are no two ways of studying which are same, despite it all, there are different ways to study smartly.
Signs that you have been studying all wrong
So, you might be wondering by now whether your technique is right or wrong. There’s a certain amount of discipline which you should follow if you want your efforts to be reflected in your grades. Studying for long hours, endlessly cramming is one of the wrong ways. So, check out the five signs stated below, and if you follow or exhibit any of those signs, then it is thetime that you change your methods.
“Study hard, do good and the good life will follow.”

  1. Study whole night

Studying all through the night really doesn’t help anyone. If you have or still pull an all-nighter, right before a test, then you need to rethink your study plans. This means that you do not plan out your lessons and neither do you invest that much amount of time into your studies. When you study over a period of few days, your brain processes the information way better and retains information aswell.
However, studying through the night before the exam means overworking the brains. This is why you can barely recollect anything during the test.

  1. Get distracted a lot

Have you been checking your phone while you were frequently studying? Thinking about that cute guy in school? Well, this is why your grades didn’t reflect your efforts. Getting distracted while studying is a common problem that most students face!
Some study for long hours but they barely focus on it for 30 minutes. Even one hour of quality studying proves to be beneficial than four hours of getting distracted and studying. It is important to be productive and focus, and if you have been going over the lesson in your head and barely been reading a line, then you need to change your methods right now.

  1. No breaks

Another common mistake that most students commit is that they do not take breaks in between studying. They think by studying for long hours, without any breaks would save time and help them study better. This is actually counterproductive.
Studying for long hours fries your brain and diverts your attention too. Whereas, taking frequent breaks rejuvenates your mind and body and allows you to concentrate better on the work at hand.

  1. Study in your room on bed

Many students choose their bedroom to study and more precisely, their bed. This again doesn’t help out your case. It distracts you like the bed is a place which you resort to for rest and thus, your mind, being accustomed to this, switches off and makes you sleepy.
So, the next time you catch yourself sleeping or napping or simply lying there staring at the ceiling, pick yourself up and look for another place to study to get the grades that you want.

  1. Do not take advantage of your resources

Are you one of those students who only refer to the textbook or Wikipedia for information? Do you even know where the library is? Getting access to various resources is one of the crucial aspects of studying.
A teacher will like your answer only when it reflects the amount of research you have conducted to understand the topic. So, visit the library often and select a list of reference books for your perusal.
The effective methods to study
So, now that you have identified what your problem is, and that you have been studying wrong, it is time to redress your mistakes. When you adopt effective methods, you would be able to learn more efficiently, understand the lessons better, and achieve the grades that you want.
Wondering how you can change your methods? Well, listed below are some ideas which you can adopt in order to study smartly.

  1. Get organized

To study smartly, you need to create a proper study plan which you need to followand be better organized. Create a list of all the assignments you have to do and check it off when you are done with it. Allot a particular hour for your studies and divide it as per your requirements. You also need to develop a right mindset before you sit down to study.

  1. Pick a suitable place

Pick a place that is appropriate for studying. Avoid rooms which comprise of various distractions and avoid your bedroom at all costs.
Choose a corner in your house which is free of all noise, has the requisite resources and lighting and where you can focus better. If the atmosphere at your place is not conducive, then go to the library, or some café or some other place where you can concentrate.

  1. Practice

Simply cramming wouldn’t really help your situation. You need to practice along the way as well. For example, if you are studying the formulas for algebra, then write it down while you study. Also, finish the worksheet attached along with it in order to understand it better and retain the formulas in your memory. The more you practice; the better would be your memory.

  1. Keep all resources on hand

To study smartly, you need to keep all your resources at hand and in an organised fashion. This saves time as otherwise, you would have to get up and search for the requisite materials frequently.
Keep all your study material, textbooks, and stationery near your study place before you sit down to study. Also, ensure that you have a good internet connection if you research mostly over the internet.

  1. Use effective study methods

While studying, use various study techniques to help your memory. Use flash cards to remember while studying. Create your own sentences and make mnemonics remember the information better. This method works like your brain associates different images with it and helps you to remember it better than the terms itself.

  1. Get rid of distractions

Distractions are the biggest problem that you need to get rid of. Before you sit down to study, ensure that you have switched off your phone, logged off from your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Ensure that you stay away from video games and the television as well. If you are Netflix subscriber, then switch off your laptop before you sit down.

  1. Test yourself

Studying blindly won’t help you so, you need to find out the chink in your armour and address those issues and solve them. A test is an efficient way to do exactly that. Test yourself frequently in order to find out how much you have learnt, how much you remember, and what are the issues you are facing.
Get the help that you require
Oftentimes, there would be certain topics which you won’t be able to figure out on your own. Or, you might encounter some problem while working on an assignment and would be unable to solve it. During such times, it is imperative that you seek help. You can turn to your parents, teachers or get a tutor to resolve your problems.
You can even turn to online educational websites to help resolve your problems. They explain all topics in simple terms and ensure that you understand every aspect of it. They even suggest ways to improve your performance and help you out.
So, employ these methods and experience the benefits that it has to offer and see how it gets reflected in your grades.
“Persevere and study harder.”