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8 Ways to Set Really Helpful Homework to Your Students

by Feb 7, 2017Assignment Help

Home tasks are an important part of the curriculum followed by most schools and colleges in today’s world. They are perhaps the standards means of ensuring that the student does what he or she is supposed to do on a regular basis in order to perform well during his or her examinations. However, over the years, the entire concept of home tasks has changed considerably. In today’s world, the idea of most teachers is that more the home task they assign, more will be the output.

However, that often doesn’t turn out to be the case for most students. This overwhelming pressure due to exceedingly huge volumes of home tasks has ruined the childhood of numerous individuals. Hence, it is extremely important for teachers to assign proper home tasks to their students so as to ensure that the students do the tasks whole heartedly according to their own will rather than being forced to complete the huge exercises. This is one of the major things that teachers must take into account at the time of assigning home tasks to their students.

In the event that you are a physics teacher and are facing issues with the reaction you get from the classroom, you might as well try explaining the various applications of physics in our day to day lives. This will definitely make the class a lot more interactive and this ensure that the class is interesting from the student’s point of view. For the major real – life applications of physics, you might as well take a look at the article, “Major real-life areas where you can apply laws of Physics.”

Major tips to consider while setting home tasks for students

This article will be predominantly focusing on some of the major ways and tips that individuals need to consider as far as setting home tasks for their students are concerned. The home task a teacher sets for his or her students is without a doubt extremely important as far as the approach of the student toward the subject is concerned.

  • Volume:

The first and foremost things that teachers must consider is the volume of the home task they are assigning. Under most circumstances, the speed of each student is different from the other. Hence, there may be certain students who are not being able to cope of with the volume of the home task that his or her teacher is assigning. Moreover, it’s not the volume of the home tasks a teacher provides that decides the teaching capabilities of the individual.

  • Quality Factor:

We already saw that volume or the quantity of home task isn’t important. What is actually important is the quality of the home task that a teacher is assigning. Even homework of ten minutes daily can be sufficient for getting a student ready for his or her examinations.

  • Avoid online home tasks:

Another thing that has come up in recent years is the idea of online home tasks. Well, it is needless to say that not all students have sufficient access to the internet. Hence, teachers must try and avoid this concept until and unless it is for certain that all the students of the class have proper access to the internet. In addition to this, there are a lot of distractions as far as the internet is concerned and it would be wise to keep children away from it unless under parental supervision.

  • Give clear instructions:

Giving clear instructions is something that most teachers fail to consider to be an important point. However, it is without a doubt extremely important as far as assigning home tasks for the class is concerned.

  • Reliable resources:

Teachers must make sure that they use standard text books for assigning home tasks as most students usually rely on a single book and perhaps it is not possible for a few to purchase extra books. Hence, it is important for the teachers to set home tasks from the book that has been assigned by the school.

  • Innovation:

It is not always necessary that the home task must be associated with some written work or something to learn. To makes things a lot more interesting for the students, teachers can very well assign home tasks in the form of activities. Even watching a movie can be considered to be a home task. You must be wondering how?

Well, this is one of the most helpful approaches as far as teaching subjects such as literature is concerned. Most novels and plays come with movies and it is often a good idea for the students to watch the movie before they appear for the class. This ought to help the students in picturizing the novel or play or any other form of story for that matter a lot better.

  • Time factor:

Most schools offer classes for five days in a week. During the week days if a teacher ought to assign large volumes of home tasks, it becomes exceedingly difficult for the students. Hence, before assigning home tasks, teachers must take into account the time till the next class. These ought to help in reducing the extreme level of peer pressure among the students of today’s generation.

  • Other subjects:

Students (especially in schools) have many subjects and the teacher for each subject must take this into account. For instance, if a mathematics teacher assigns an entire exercise for the following day, it is for certain that the student won’t get sufficient time for the other subjects.