5 Tips to Help You Remember Your Economics Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are an unavoidable part of every student’s life. Most students find homework tedious and unnecessary. They resent being pressurized by constant submissions, deadlines and credits. Most importantly, they find it difficult to motivate themselves to complete their work on time. Teachers and tutors often struggle to correct and mark careless and incomplete assignments that have been submitted to them.
Economics assignments are among the most time consuming homework assignments to complete. As a result a lot of students have a fear of the subject as they recognize it as difficult but are unwilling to put in the effort required to complete their economics assignment satisfactorily. Here are some Tips to help you remember your economics homework assignment:

  1. Understand why the Economics homework is important:

Many students wonder, “Why do I have to complete my economics homework?” The answer is simple.

  • Homework helps revise what has been taught in class.
  • It encourages students to conduct their own research on topics covered in class.
  • It teaches students to apply concepts and formulae to problems.
  • It helps students prepare for tests and examinations by giving them adequate practice to sharpen their skills.
  • With a subject like economics, homework is essential as each subsequent lesson builds on the concepts explained in the previous class.

Once you know why homework is assigned and you understand how essential it is, it will be easier for you to motivate yourself to complete it.

  1. Complete all homework assignments:

Not all assignments are allotted for the purpose of evaluation. They serve other purposes.

  • Take both reading assignments and practice assignments seriously.
  • Reading assignments, though never graded, are essential. They serve to familiarize students with a topic before it is taught in class and them to delve deeper into a topic after it has been discussed in class. For example, an economics teacher may ask students to read up on themarket structure before she elaborated on market saturation and monopoly.
  • Practice assignments may or may not be evaluated but are assigned to encourage students to correctly apply concepts and formulae to problems and sharpen their problem solving
  1. Know that studying and completing homework are not the same thing:

Many students confuse themselves by thinking that studying and completing homework is the same thing. They are not. You need a good combination of both for best results.

  • Homework is work assigned to students for them to research, revise, practice and apply concepts taught in class.
  • Studying is the time you are expected to spend on your own initiative to go over what has been taught in class. It ensures that you understand the material thoroughly and don’t fall behind with the subsequent lessons.
  • Set time aside regularly to study what has been taught in class instead of cramming right before the exams.
  • Studying regularly makes it easier to complete your homework as assignments are usually set on topics that have already been covered in class. Your economics assignment will be a lot easier to complete if you are familiar with the topic beforehand.
  • Completing homework assignments regularly also helps you prepare for your exams as it ensures that you retain what you have studied.
  1. Study smart:

Students find homework tedious and unnecessary mostly because they cannot retain what they have learnt in the process of completing their assignments.

  • In order to make the most of your assignments, conduct thorough research.
  • Understand your topic and read extensively before you begin.
  • Choose your topic strategically within the scope of your syllabus. While more innovative topics would make your work less tedious, choosing a topic within the syllabus is a smart shortcut. That way you research and work on a topic that you will have to cover for your exams anyway.
  • Do not look up the internet and blindly copy and paste information without reading or understanding it. For instance, it makes no sense to do an entire assignment on production, cost and efficiency without understanding the basics of production theory.
  1. Organize your work:

Good organization and time management are key factors affecting your ability to handle your work load. You will never remember to do your homework on time if you are disorganized.

  • Organize your workspace and your material.
  • Make an assignment schedule to keep track of your deadlines. Key in assignments as soon as they are allotted. Schedule alarms to remind you before assignments are due. If you have a bad memory and constant forget your assignments, try these 9 Simple tips to ensure you never forget your economics homework.
  • Separate your material with the help of folders. Do not leave it lying around haphazardly.
  • Do not procrastinate. Start as early as possible to avoid the pressure of having to complete multiple assignments at the end of the academic year.

Remember, “Hard work is the shortest route to success”, so work hard and motivate yourself by using these excellent Tips to help you remember your economics homework assignments.

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