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Wondering How to Not Forget Homework? Test These Tricks

by Jun 7, 2016Homework Help

Every day in school, students are set homework for at least two to three subjects. You can imagine how much each student gets in a whole week. Take into account, the fact that they are continuously learning something new in school, while having to keep up with a number of extra-curricular activities and their daily lives. So, it is only natural that they may often forget what all they have to do. If you want to help your child or student learn how to not forget homework, then below you will find a number of habits they can adopt in the process.
“The only way to success if to push forward.”
Learning how to not forget homework
It is a scientific fact that it takes about 60 days to learn a new habit. This does not mean that you think about doing something for that long and one day you wake up with a good new habit. Adapting a new habit takes time and practice. You have to be diligent and focus on your goal if you want really good results. In this case, you want to remember things and develop better study habits, so that you can do well in class, and get the grades that you deserve.
For this, there are a number of steps listed below. Of course, only use what works best for you, and feel free to combine them in a way that suits you. Forming your own unique methods will help you.

  • Create a schedule

The first step to forming a new habit is by creating a schedule. If you have some sort of a routine to follow every day, it will be difficult to forget the homework that you have been set for the day or week. What is important is that you stick to this schedule. Even if it means that you must study for at least an hour a day, when it comes down to it, you will be forced to check and remember what assignments you have left to complete. This is definitely one of the best ways to get started on anything new, especially if it is school related. Having a proper study schedule also means that you will be revising regularly. You can be assured after this, of better grades at the end of the year.
“Train your mind and body to obey you. It should not be the opposite way around.”

  • Teach it to someone

One of the best methods that have worked for everyone over years is teaching someone else. Teaching someone else what you have learned helps jog the memory and activate all the areas of your brain. This is a tried and tested method. You should probably try explaining what you have learned to someone who already knows the topic. This way, they can tell you where you went wrong or correct you if need be. Teaching someone else is definitely a good way when wondering how to not forget homework that you have done for a test.

  • Write it down

Whenever someone assigns homework in class, the first thing you should do is write it down. Even if it is on a piece of paper, though this is not recommended, you should write the assignments down. You should, ideally, have a notebook or diary where you keep a track of all the homework you have and submission dates, or test dates. This way, once you are done with a piece of work you can strike it off. Once you start striking things off, you will realize how truly satisfying completing your work is. Even at home, you should write it on post its and stick it to your laptop, study table, fridge, and every other place in the house that you usually find yourself. This will constantly remind you to finish any pending assignments and ensure that you do not forget anything.

  • Set Reminders

If we have technology, and we use it for everything we need, then we might as well use it to be constructive as well. You can use your phone, or other device of your choice to set a reminder to do things. This way, you will have an alarm to constantly remind, and you do not have to think about ways of how to not forget homework. Reminders can be set for a number of things. This is also a good way to keep up with your schedule. When you decide to take breaks, these alarms will stop you from procrastinating and taking longer breaks than necessary. You should set reminders for everything the minute you find out about them. This way even if you forget, your alarms will remind you of what you need to do.

  • Get proper rest

One of the reasons the generations of today have memory problems and find it difficult to recall their tasks for today is because they do not get enough sleep. There is no amount of sleep during the day that will make up for a good night’s rest. You should get a minimum of the doctor recommended eight hours of sleep, in order for your brain to function properly. Getting proper rest helps to enhance your memory capacity. Sleep is essential for everything. Not having proper rest also makes you lazier than usual and you may also fall ill because of it. This definitely does not aid with memory. There are many new ways to not forget homework essay! You should definitely see what works for you and try them out.
“There are too many benefits of sleep for us to avoid it for any reason.”

  • Ask someone else for help

If all else fails, give the scariest person at home, a list of all the things you need to get done. It will be their job to check on you and ensure that the homework is done on time. Your fear of the person means that you will not want to anger and annoy them and so you will scare yourself into doing your assignments. This is, of course, a last resort method that is definitely worth a try. This usually works if one of your parents know what all you need to do. Parents can generally make their children finish any required work.
All of these methods on how to not forget homework are worth a shot. You can combine them in ways that suit you and your daily routine. Once you start a regular routine, you will see that finishing assignments and such will not be much of a problem.