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Why is Physics Homework More Tempting Than Chemistry?

by Jun 21, 2016Physics

Every student has his/her own area of interest. Some may like science better. Some may prefer history while others may love Mathematics. There are divided interests within science also – between physics chemistry and biology.
Physics is that branch of science concerned with heat, light, sound, electricity, forces etc. The force that keeps you firm onto the ground, truth behind the universe and the technology behind the gadgets you use all comes under the subject of physics.
Chemistry deals with the compositions of various materials/matter, investigation of their properties and reactions, using these reactions under various conditions to produce new materials. The meat you cook, the sturdy plastic that you use, even manufacturing paper from pulp comes under chemistry.
Depending upon the caliber and interest, some may find physics more tempting than chemistry. What makes the subject so special? Let us look into that.

  1. Physics helps you think

Physics is a conceptual subject. This means it requires an understanding of the various laws before getting into its real life application. More than that, you can practically see the various laws for yourself. For example One of the most popular laws of physics -Newton’s third law of motion, ‘to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Hence those students who are curious behind every such thing happening in the universe will find Physics more likeable.

  1. Outer Space and the universe.

How many of us are fascinated with the outer space. No wonder NASA organizes a summer space camp each year. The fascination behind the forces in the universe can cause a student to study Physics with great vigor. As one begins understanding the nuances in the subject, physics becomes their best friend.

  1. Technology

The Smartphone that you use, your laptop, microwave oven and other electronic items that you use each day are all gifts from physics. While some may argue that study and manufacturing of electronic goods fall under the line of engineering. But my dear friends, Engineering is a part of Physics, more specific – applied physics. Those who are therefore interested in this line will definitely prefer physics to chemistry.

  1. Knowledge outside the textbooks

Physics is not just limited to your textbooks. There are so many areas that you can venture into. If you have interest in say outer space, there are various books, encyclopedias from which you can get the information. To understand this information urges you to go in deep.
Now you will want to know the exact science behind it. So then you pick up your physics book andunderstand the law/ forces governing the area and further move intothe mathematical equations and applications.

  1. The language of Physics

Mathematics is the language of physics. It is because of math that most people hate physics. In fact one must read the 7 best Mathematics Homework Excuses that can Save You from Punishment. But again like I tell you it will depend on your interest. When I took up a course in engineering, I had to be quite strong in calculus. Calculus was tough and I hated it because I was poor in it.  However, my interest in engineering helped me conquer my hatred for calculus. I joined in extra classes to study calculus from scratch and voila. Similarly those who love mathematics will have a love for physics more than chemistry.

  1. The world of Physics is never ending

There are so many mysteries in the world, on earth that are yet to be explored. Everyday scientists are unlocking new theories and if those of you who are interested in understanding them take up physics. An interest in this subject will keep you hooked for life so much that doing physics homework will be much tempting doing that of chemistry.

  1. Born with a Natural Aptitude

This is something that few individual are born with. That is an aptitude for Physics. Math, laws of physics, their mathematical equations and applications all comes naturally to them. These kids are unable to understand the various chemical equations and other process that is requisite of learning chemistry.

  1. Solving Aptitude

Physics homework basically consists of numerical applications. Some students love solving more problems that involves you to think, drawing of a rough diagram, marking in forces/motion involved in them, derive the equations and voila get the answer. The thrill of getting the answer all by yourself gives you an adrenaline rush, a confidence that no other subject can give.

  1. Help you understand the Big Bang theory

Familiar with the popular sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory”, are you? Don’t we all love the tall and lean physicist Sheldon rambling on nonstop the various theories of Physics to poor Penny? Penny looks clueless in the end leaving Sheldon exasperated. But don’t you feel great when you can actually understand what was said (but secretly never confessing it. Secret Smile! J) Well I wouldn’t say that this may exactly make Physics your favorite subject but definitely may draw your interest into the subject that is Physics.
In the end whatever reasons that I may give you, it’s all in the interest. You need not have to exceptionally brilliant to understand Physics. You may be familiar with the phrase ‘fear of the unknown”. Not being able to grasp the concepts of physics make us hate it. But once you are able to get over the initial fear and begin to understand the concepts, Physics will look a lot better.