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Why Do You Think That Kids Should Have Less Homework?

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Do you think that Kids should have less homework? Almost 70% or more parents think that their kids must have less homework.  But, the parents think that their kids should have a bit pressure of homework daily to maintain their study time along with some other task. What are the reasons behind that? Let us discuss its impact over your child. Is homework pressure is harmful? Go through some points below-

  • Students do homework for a long time

This is one of the reasons that why Kids should have less homework. When kids do homework for a long time, they are unable to take care of their study in a proper way. Doing homework for a long time does not mean that your child is concentrating and learning the things, but it means that he is working under a pressure, which is not perfect for a child’s development.

  • They don’t get free time for their other activities

Undoubtedly when your child does homework for a long time, then he will be unable to grab the things or knowledge through some other activities. The pressure of homework makes them habituated and they don’t think of attending any extra curricular activities, which is essential to some extent.

  • Kids should have less homework to improve their proper knowledge

What does education mean? As this is a genuine question, but people do not understand the actual meaning of this. Let us know that education does not mean only study and study, but education means the complete knowledge where 60% from the book and 40% by understanding it on the practical way. Suppose, your child is writing an essay about ‘Botanical Garden’ or Sea Beach, then he will have to grab the knowledge through some books of by asking you. But, don’t you think that if your child has visited these places, then he could easily complete it in a proper way? I think your child could easily explain his experience.

  • They don’t have enough time to understand the topics they write

This is very common that if your kids will be busy with their homework, then it would be difficult for them to understand the topics well. However, if they have less homework, then they can easily understand their written answers and also learn each answer. It is very important for a student to write as per their study level in each subject. Confusion may occur any time and sometimes you may get confusion in some subjects like English, but you must have proper sense of How To Do Your English Homework Properly without any confusion. Not only that, but some other subjects also need to be taken care when your kids complete their homework.

  • Excess use of internet

Excess use of internet can be seen when your lad needs some help. You may notice that in these days, internet search engine has every possible topic that helps student in different subjects. So, what subject your kids need to solve? OR, what are the various problems they have in some particular subjects? All your solutions are available in the internet and thus you can easily explain what you desire to explain completely according to your need.

  • Irritation occurs

Impoliteness and irritation occur usually when your child is loaded with his homework. The reason is his anxiety does not allow him to think anything in a proper way.  Moreover, this pressure sometimes makes the children too busy and they do not desire to get disturbed in any ways. This is a reason that why Kids should have less homework.

  • Health effects

If your child does a lot of homework everyday on the regular basis, then he will surely get influenced by poor health condition and more then that they likely to complete their homework properly first and then they do any other task even eat. So, poor health condition can disturb them a lot and this will not give your child to remain fit and healthy. This will disturb the children physically as well as mentally. Children feel exhausted due their tiresome nature,

  • Social relation gets disturbed

You may notice that people sometimes desire to spend time together. Even your kids too want to enjoy visiting somewhere with you, but they are unable to move by leaving there homework. The reason is intolerable because kids do not desire to mix up with people in their surroundings. This is not perfect for anyone especially for kids. So, you can think that why Kids should have less homework.

  • Ignorance of some subject

It is very true that if someone remains overloaded with homework in some particular subject, then they will ignore to some other important subjects. It means if your kids have seven or eight subjects, then he will not be able to focus on all subjects due to loaded homework in a 4-5. So, you must have to focus on those two subjects when your kids have holidays. So, Kids should have less homework to maintain their study time for all subjects.

  • Kids must be able to go through what they have taught in the class

Doing revision is a good job for kids, even it makes them comfort and they can easily find out the convenient way of doing homework. But, do you think that they have enough time to understand the topics properly. More than 70% kids are unable to understand the topics well and just copy the sentences from the Internet or their book. It is always important for them to understand what they have taught in the class and these must be revised at home. But, if they have less homework, only then they can easily manage it.
Now, it is very clear that why Kids should have less homework and one more thing that if your kids have less homework, they can do many other activities. But, with overloaded homework they are unable to manage their time. Not only for small children, but it is also very important for the kids of the high school level. In addition to that, if you understand that each subject has its importance, then you will surely boost up to go with those subjects in their free time.