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What Alternative Careers Can a Law Graduate Choose?

by Apr 19, 2017Homework Solutions

Law is one of the most preferred career choices for many students. Earlier, students had the facility to specialize in either civil or criminal law. But, with the passage of time, the branches of law in which a student can specialize are diversifying, and now students can explore many branches when they opt for a career in law like corporate law, patent law to name a few. Earning a degree in law not only qualifies students to be eligible to become a lawyer but also opens up a vast choice of career options in sectors such as legal services, administrative services, corporate management, etc.

Let us explore the career options available to a law graduate. One can choose to be an advocate in a court or offer his services in a corporate firm. One can even become a judge after qualifying the public service examination. A law graduate, after gaining experience can become a part of government departments and ministries. Other options include being a law professor in a college, working as a journalist or joining any NGO. Let us talk about each of these career options in details.

  • Career in legal administration:

Legal administration focuses on principles of law and management. The job scope in the field are plenty- you can choose to be a paralegal, and work in law firms or you can choose to be a court reporter and keep a record of the proceedings of the court room.

  • Career in the field of academics:

It is not mandatory to become a lawyer if you have completed your graduation in law. After completing your higher studies, you can choose to become a law professor in a university and guide the students to become successful lawyers. Teaching students at the school level can also be one of the career choices for you. The advantage is that you will not require a specialization in the field of law for teaching school students. You can also opt for a career as a student counselor in law schools.

  • Careerin the field of media:

After completing your graduation in law, you can enter the world of media. Media law covers legal issues related to branch of media like television, advertising, internet, and films. If you want to have a legal career in the field of media, you should havecommercialknowledge, and since you will be dealing the cases of famous celebrities, you should have excellent communication skills so that you are able to represent their cases.

  • Career in the political system:

Politics hold a scope of opportunities for a law graduate.He can utilize his knowledge of the legal studies in influencing people and in election campaigning. He can be a representative of the constituency and present his opinion to others about the law structure and the changes if they need to be incorporated.

  • Career in the field of journalism:

If you have a knack for writing as well as presenting, thenjournalism is meant for you. You will be able to cover news which deals with legal issues and the way the government works. If you have a legal background, it will be beneficial when you are conducting interviews related to legal issues.If you understand the law well and are interested in public speaking, being a news commentator is the ideal job role for you.

  • Career in the field of human resources:

If leadership has been your aim, you can become an HR director and manage the human resource department of an organization. As an HR director, your primary role will be managing the people in the organization. You should make yourself aware of the organizational goals and values of the company and recruit people accordingly.

  • Career in military field:

Give direction to the feeling of patriotism inside you by being a part of military personnel. You will be a part of the team fighting for national honor. Being a law graduate will be an added advantage.

  • Career in the field of management:

You can work as a management consultant and give financial advice to the organizations on how they can improve the productivity and gain profits. You can help the organization to analyze its business plans and suggest ways so that it can stay ahead of its competitors.

  • Career as a legal publisher:

You can join a legal publishing house as an editor or as a commissioning manager. Having a background in law will help you to understand the legal language, and it will add to your proficiency of being a legal editor.

Like any other profession, a successful career in law requires a lot of hard work and years of practice. The determination, caliber, patienceand skills of the candidate will determine how far he can go. Lawyers are not only respected in the society, but they also serve as a bridge for the common people to reach their destination of justice. Latest developments in law and technology are paving the way for more career options.