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Who Created the Concept of Homework

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Don’t you find homework to be boring? Many young students find that school work to be an extra burden in their life. Millions of children are around who have to manage their homework and it has become a part of their daily lives. It is regarded as an important part of education where teachers assign children with assignments and expect to complete with best possible results. Through proper management of school work, it gives a confidence of fully understanding subject that has been taught in class.
Who invented homework?
In the year 1095, Roberto Nevilis in the city of Venice had come up with the concept of giving homework to students. But, it is also said that there have been instructors who also gave out homework even before Nevilis. The concept has come into light with emergence of formal school system. Such education was only available for well-to-do family and to give a better knowledge to students, school work was assigned. “Homework is the new family dinner” as it is a known part of educational system.
But, it is not important how has developed the idea of giving homework, rather what matters is whether it is truly beneficial or not. More than homework what is truly important is to develop study habits and here are few advices that can be adopted:

  1. Fix up a specific time for doing homework. Help your child maintain a calendar that would come up with detailed of their study and subject. This gives better scope to manage their school as well as extracurricular activities and other events. Once your children become eligible for managing their calendar and making proper use of time, it turns out to be a lifelong achievement.
  2. Choose a specific area to study. It can either be your bedroom, study room or at living room. But, make sure that the area comes up sufficient space and least distraction. A quiet and calm atmosphere is known to be an ideal place where you can focus more. This would finally help to manage homework well without any obstacles. Remember, to keep all the necessary supplies in hand while studying. This would restrict you moving from your place and search the items!
  3. Do you nag your child all the time with their school work? It is a wrong approach to adopt. Rather, when you see the child is back to home, give him/her some light snacks. This would refresh their mind. Once the energy get restored to their body, it is possible for them to manage work well. Their concentration level tends to increase with short break.

It is said “our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
Enhance skills and ability through assignments
Many students fail to understand that homework is not only a means to practice a subject that is learned in class; rather it develops great skills and abilities. Therefore, managing school work every day makes you highly responsive.

  • Proper time management:

Don’t you want to finish all your school work by today itself? Need would demand time management and prioritizing of work. Therefore, getting into proper practice and becoming familiar with subject will definitely help you to understand how much time should be invested in particular subject. A proper planning will give opportunity to manage entire projects within few hours. So, don’t panic as there is no need to wait till late night and manage work!

  • Developing individual work skills:

The main objective behind going to school is to get acquainted with some good habits that can be helpful to develop essential skills. Our experiences and socialization techniques are also improvised through proper knowledge.  Therefore, education can develop work skills among individuals and make students highly responsible for their work. They show great interest on their grades and doing assignments.

  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses:

Don’t you know which subject is interesting for you and which one is boring? Through homework it is possible to identify subjects that need extra attention while others can be handled easily. Therefore, students would know on which subjects they need to devote extra time as they find it tough to handle. Students often assume some subjects to be difficult which actually appears to be simple while studying.
“The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.”- Walt Disney
Timely submission and delivery of high quality work can be assumed from students as they are trained in a way from childhood. Through school work it is possible to bolster the confidence while evoking a sense of accomplishment.
PHEW!! Tired of homework
Though you can get tired of doing loads of homework, but it is very much important. But, sometimes it becomes impossible to manage and so you need to seek for expert help. Where can I get homework help? It is an influential question that evokes in mind of students.
Homework is truly important as it:

  • Teaches to adopt independent work skills
  • Develop a sense of confidence and responsibility
  • Offers with proper handling of tough situation
  • Evaluating the progress on subject

Students often lack their sense of aptitude in mathematics as it involves high amount of complexity. But, focusing on school work and doing regular assignments will definitely make even harder subject a simple and easy one. Your problem solving ability gets polished that is very much needed in dealing with mathematical problems. Always make sure that the students carry their folder which would contain important notes and documents of their study.
Homework has become a vital part of students’ life as it helps to reinforces different skills and adopt necessary materials that are taught in class. Hardly students find any time to practice their lessons at school. Therefore, they should come back to home and go through all their lessons in the evening to have a good hold of subject. Lessons that are taught at high school demands advanced thinking ability such as analysis, evaluation, application and comparison. Therefore, practice well to improve knowledge!