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What’s the Future of Education?

by Nov 2, 2015Assignment Help

How to define “education”?

Education is what helps people to grow mentally. It’s the process of learning that probably has no ending line. The more you gain knowledge, the more you become wealthy. To earn maturity, education is the first and foremost resource. We can enhance our skill and ability holding the hands of education. Where there is a forlorn hope, education creates the ray of hope in our lives.

It is not just a thing to increase our knowledge or to provide us a sparkling future ahead, but the source to lead us towards rightful direction. In every aspect of our lives, we have to face difficulties or obstacles. Ups and downs are always there, but we can avail strength to overcome those boundaries through the medium called “education”. Our abilities to think logically make us more rational which is perhaps the fruit of education.

Flow of educational process:

Since the early days, men have been learning through different methods. When they discovered the reasons behind natural calamities those had been previously reasons behind their fear, is nothing but the process of learning. Similarly, the simultaneous inventions of either fire or wheels everything comes under this edification process. So, education can’t be defined as a particular style of increasing knowledge. Whatever we learn to boost ourselves up can be classified as education and that process is continuously changing its perspective.

Million years back people are not accustomed to the particular places for improving themselves. Thereafter, they began to learn in a small number but in a specific place. After that came the concept of schools with which we are habituated. But, nowadays schools or colleges whatever it may have been changing their concepts also. Thus, education is going under a constant method of flowing. Naturally, in future we are going to find something more uncommon in this regard.

Modern education:

Though the conception of schools or colleges is not new, there are so many things those have not found before. They are being introduced and the styles of teaching, as well as learning, are changing their outlooks also.

Few years back, students were to learn by using these following instruments:

1. Books.

2. Papers or copies.

3. Pens.

4. Boards.

But, modern education has evolved and it has come forward with some unique aids in spite of having those things mentioned above. They include:

1. Auditory aids.

2. Visual aids.

3. Audio-visual aids.

All these refer to the distinctive changes. In fact, modern education is highly based on the mental ability of different students of various ages so that it is not become a pressure for them. The arranged syllabus is all meant to support the capability of a student and such different aids add more to those points.

What comes under these aids?

Various instruments those come under the concept of such aids are:

1. Radio or special telephone as auditory aids.

2. Charts and graphs as visual aids.

3. Televisions, computers or even projectors as audio-visual aids.

4. There are also other things those can be placed on those criteria.

What are the benefits of such things?

Previously, students used to take guidance from their teachers only. Their lectures and training were all for them. But, of late, multiple mediums of learning have arrived. They not only support pupils but also reduce the strain of teachers and trainers. The contemporary period gives emphasis on the time and these support systems have opened the way for saving time.

That’s not all. These aids are useful to teach special children also. Different technologies have occurred to teach these mentally challenged pupils so that they can also avail the advantages of education. That means the modern system has opened its path for every type child.

Even students will be wondered to know what are some free online educational resources that they can avail using the internet.

Differences between the older and the newer process:

Formerly, pupils were taught with the help of books by their teachers. They used to use papers and pens to write down stuff. Now though these things are not obsolete, some other instruments or technologies have somehow reduced their importance.

Presently, students are highly dependent on computers or in other words on the internet. They get to know a lot of things related to their studies. Any type of query finds proper answers or solutions within the fraction of a second. Thus, it has changed the style of educating people. Books or pdf files covering the entire topics are also available on the internet. Different video files are noticeable in this regard also.

Guidance is also proffered through email or other social networking sites. Even seminars can also be attended through this medium. This technique is called, “webinar.” Students from different parts can make utilize of the seminars, workshops or presentations.

Other systems such as pocket calculators have lessened the amount of time taken to find solutions to big mathematical problems. Charts or graphs are there to explain the subject matter clearly.

Audio-visual aids like projectors or televisions can create the natural ambience and the moving pictures help them to learn things with ease.

The special telephone system has also developed the methodical way.

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So, it is easy to remark that nothing is impossible in the era of technology. Smart or virtual classrooms have transfigured the whole scenario. Students get benefitted in an outstanding way. Though these different teaching aids or technologies are improving the ways of teaching or learning day by day, they also own some negative aspects.

Negative facets of modern educational system:

Books do not really have substitutes. The internet has been treated as an alteration to books, but it actually causes some harm to pupils. Lack of time is a problem in today’s world, but it seems that after having everything within the reach of hands make the children lazy. They do not intend to work hard. Books have lost their importance in the eyes of modern students. These audio-visual aids though helpful cause some serious health related problems if not used properly.

It can be concluded like that every coin has two sides. This educational system is not an exception to it. It obtains positive as well as negative values. If we can maintain properly, we will certainly be advantaged. All these technologies own glaring future. We just have to handle them carefully to get the best possible result.