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What to Do When You Have Homework but Don’t Want to Do It?

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

There might have been many a circumstances when you have questioned the purpose of homework and how it benefits you. Students always run away from homework and are mostly disinterested in it. They want to avoid and ignore it as long asthey can. But circumstances and situations, doesn’t allow them to. Moreover, they have to cope with the burden of homework even at times when they feel the least bit interested in it. The question what to do when you have homework butdon’twant to do it, must have persisted through the minds of most students at some point, in their life.

A student’s life comprises of a number of activities and events. They have sporting activities and drama clubs to be occupied with. However, this is not often possible. Due to the pressure of school work, many students are bound to give their interests due to time constraints. This is in order to complete the amount of homework assigned by the teachers which take up a major portion of their time. Thus, they are often left to wonder as to how they can avoid it or even how they can complete it when they do not desire to waste their time on it.

What to do when you have homework but don’t want to do it?

As a kid, I have faced numerous such instances when didn’t want to complete my homework and had avoided it at all costs. However, I was compelled to do it because of my mom who was constantly running after my life, goading me to complete my homework. I have encountered the same later in my life, in college as well, and it is not easy to cope with that feeling. With so many assignments to finish you need to come up with effective ways to finish the job. Thus, listed below are some solutions to finish your homework when you do not want to do it.

‘The most effective way to do it, is to do it’

  • Motivate yourself

One of the first and foremost thing to concentrate on when you are trying to figure out what to do when you have homework but don’t want to do it, is how to motivate yourself. Motivation is the key aspect of completing homework successfully. Sit down and think about the reasons as to why you should do it. Couldn’t find any? Then think about what will happen if you do not get your homework done. Think about the ways you are going to be penalized by teachers and how your grades will be affected. Think about the humiliation. This should be enough to motivate you.

  • Plan

Plan before you start with your homework. Make little plans to complete your assignments. For example, first make a plan to complete only half of your assignment. Once you have completed that, only then push yourself to finish it altogether. Setting up small achievable goals makes it easier for you to concentrate upon so that you can finish it early.

  • Stop procrastinating

The biggest trouble that a student faces when sitting down to complete an assignment, is the problem of procrastination. They dilly dally and try and find out every excuse to not do the assignments.  I used to keep for a later time but completing it last minute is an ever bigger problem. Thus, it is essential that you stop procrastinating and start taking some decisions and actions regarding the completion of your homework now! Do not, ever, keep it for the last minute. It becomes an impossible task to complete it then.

  • Start with the difficult one

It always better that you start with the difficult subject or the topic that gives you the most amount of trouble. This poses a sort of challenge when you do not feel like studying at all. There is no trick to cracking it. You just have to give it some time so that you can concentrate on it, and once you do so, everything will be easy to combat.

  • Track your progress

Before you sit down to do your homework, make a list of all the things that you have to do. When doing it, tick it off that list so that you can keep a track of how well you are progressing. Assesse the amount of time you are taking to completeeach and every assignment, so that you can estimate the amount that you will require to complete the rest.

  • Take breaks

One of the things that many students forget about is taking short breaks. No student can sit and pore over books for long hours, no matter how dedicated theyare, and concentrate and learn from it. Thus, it is essential to take short breaks so that you can refresh your minds and come back with a new zeal. This also allows you to concentrate better and get your homework done fast. This also provides for a good excuse to get up and get away from studying, even if it is for just a few minutes.

  • Ask for help

There might be some subjects of which you can’t understand a thing and yet have to complete an assignment on it. It is time to go and ask for help. Seek help form your parents and teachers and hire a tutor if you have to. It is absolutely essential that you do not hesitate to ask for help as this might delay the completion of the assignment for which you might be penalized later.

  • Hire someone else to do it

One of the best ways to avoid doing homework when you do not feel like doing it is by hiring someone to do it instead for you. There are a number ways you can do this. There are various websites available online that help complete your assignment on your behalf. All you have to do is pay a nominal amount and submit your questions for the topic and you will be presented with the completed assignments within the specified deadline. Thus, this is the best way to avoid your assignments, temporarily.

Thus, these methods will certainly help you to figure out what to do when you have homework but don’t want to do it. So, go ahead and choose such a service provider who will help you to sort out these homework problems.