What Parents Need to Know About Educational Adviser in College Admissions?

Are you worried about your child’s admission in a high profile college? Do you fear that irrespective of bagging good marks in high school, your ward is going to lag behind in getting admission to a good college? Or, are you worried about the stressful procedures that guide a college admission scenario?
Yes; no longer are the days when just an admission test or an interview along with great marks would be all to get an admission to a good college. Competition has seeped in here as well, and often good candidates find themselves lined in a huge queue fruitlessly. But haven’t you heard that all problems have at least one solution? Likewise, your quest to get your son or daughter admitted to a good and reputed college will end with an appointment with educational adviser in college admissions.
So, what is or who are educational advisers?
Educational or academic advisers are professional, qualified guides or counselors who not only guide the students to their desired streams and colleges but also counsel them to find out an academic direction that is best suited and loved by a student.
They help the students to examine different colleges, their academic programs, the extracurricular activities therein, and the likes so that a student may achieve a complete perfection in his or her career.
Can anyone be an Educational Adviser?
Yes; anyone with a flair for helping the students along with apt knowledge about different colleges and their courses worldwide can become an educational adviser. But if you are looking out for the best in business (as your child deserves nothing but the best), you should always select an educational adviser who not only has the above mentioned qualities but also have a bachelor or (better yet) Master degree in a subject related to educational counseling.
Likewise, your child shall have an overall survey of his or her likes and dislikes, and she shall fruitfully be able to judge what is good or bad for her career.
What Is the Job Description of an Educational Adviser?
Recommending different courses, planning schedules and determining the perfect career for a student are the three major duties of an educational adviser. Their duties do not end with the student getting admission in a good college. In fact, their job starts therein. Post this, they have to track and chart the advancement of the students academically on a regular basis.
Provision of able guidance to the at-risk students along with the case-management of the weak students also falls under the job profile and duties of an educational adviser.
However, all said and done, you may think what is the use of appointing a specialized educational adviser? How can he or she make a difference in my child’s outlook or career? Isn’t just a career counselor enough for this? To help you out with the same, we have compiled few points that will help you to assess the importance of an educational adviser.
So, here you go about on the same—

  • Firstly, a college adviser helps your children with even the minutest processes required while taking admission to a college. Right from the perfect college search to the assessment of the scholarship pattern to helping you with admission essays and more, the college adviser does it all for your child. If you’re a professional who cannot afford to spend too much time on your child, they are definitely the best choice.
  • Most college advisers have worked as senior admissions officers at good colleges. Or, even if they have not, you should make sure your college adviser has more than 10 years of relevant experience. This will make sure your child gets firsthand knowledge about every single step. In my case, I had been to a very senior, now independently working, as an educational adviser. He not only let me know about all the required details but also helped me write the admission essays and get good SOPs. Thus my pathway to the best college around was paved to perfection. I felt no glitches afterwards. If you want the same for your child, appoint a worthy educational adviser now!
  • Unlike the guidance counselors of the colleges, educational advisers work per student basis. This precisely means your child will never have to be among the crowd and try hard to get noticed by the counselor. Here, your child shall be guided on a one-to-one basis, and hence, will get the best out of the whole process.
  • If your child has some other great interests, college advisers can even accommodate your student on different timings. Yes; your child will never have to leave his interest to focus on studies or go to the college adviser. Time management is another major thing that one gets to learn when appoint a worthy college adviser.

So, what are the things that parents have to keep in mind while appointing the best educational adviser for the kids?

  • Firstly, make sure that the adviser is not a novice. Like I said earlier, he should be well educated, and must have hold a position as a senior admission officer at a reputed college or worked as a private educational adviser for quite a number of years.
  • Assess him well, meet him personally, try to know about his previous clients, and, post that, set out to work with him.
  • Tell all good as well as bad qualities of your child clearly to him. Otherwise, he or she may lag behind in doing the best for your child.
  • Don’t visit the college adviser right when you want admission. Visit him during 9th grade of your child so that the adviser can plan everything efficiently. Going for guidance right at the nick of the time will debar him from assessing your child perfectly, track his records and provide him with a career plan best suited to him.

If you follow these simple steps, and keep in mind the importance of an educational adviser for college, no one can stop your child from tasting success and come up with flying colors in his professional life!

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