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What is the Future Space of Education: What’s Next?

by Nov 2, 2015Homework Help

We always talk about being literate or getting proper education. There are lots of endeavors that are being organized in order to provide good education.

Education has come a long way since the development of civilizations. In the contemporary time it is referred to as “the process of getting or receiving proper and systematic instructions for knowledge provided in schools or universities.”

Just as soon as when a child takes birth in this world, parents start to think about how to give him/her the right education. They start planning of selecting schools and ways to provide them proper guidance. There are kindergarten Schools or play schools at preliminary stages.

Talk about development of education through ages, this concept of play schools where he child goes to school in order to play and just be habituated with the idea of staying in an institution for some hours in order to get education is a relatively newer concept. It had no existence for a long time. Earlier schools used to start at a more developed age with the sole purpose of providing knowledge to them around subjects of concern.

Let us take a look at the various development stages of education through the past few centuries:

1. Evolution of Play schools

Just as it was being said that this concept of play schools is now relatively a newer idea if compared. Play schools or kindergarten schools are for kids with ages between 2-5 years more often. Play schools came up with the purpose of providing the service where kids would come out of their homes and stay for some hours in the schools so that they can get habituated with the fact of going to schools away from their guardians or parents.

It was in the 20th century particularly when this play schools spread to all the parts of the world.

2. Concepts of Online Education

Well, this is a wide area to talk about. This vast world of web has taken place in the lives of all people. Online education also made its way in the later of the 20th century and around the beginning of 21st century. You can have online courses, online help, information, guidance and a variety of things that you can look up. With online education learning new stuff became easy as:

1. You could look up about stuffs and find answers to all doubts with relevant searches that you make with the search engines Google, Yahoo. Later on Bing also came to ease people out of their miseries.

2. Take assistance on topics from experts from our websites.

3. Get homework help on varieties of stuffs where you get tons of homework assignments that require to be completed in a short period of time.

4. Support from experts who will answer about all your queries and doubts so that you have no questions or obstacles in the way of your learning.

5. Get informative videos or web pages who have detailed information along with explanations on all your searches.

Also there are

Online universities where you can take education by paying a fee. The education would be made available to you via internet and you may not even go to the place of education. Most countries are making these online university approaches greater so that it becomes easier to get proper and better education.

With the advancement of technology many more new methods are coming up where students could take support for education. The most recent development being the use of applications that are made for smart phones of operating systems like Windows, android or iPhone OS’s. Here various organizations or companies are developing newer applications for a variety of subjects where everyone could get assistance on the subjects or matters where they want clarifications. With growing time more and more companies or expert individuals in order to provide assistance and guidance are developing these helpful apps so that they could be of help to the mankind. In short, it is a great way to make people learn their matters.

Future scope of education

Well, as you can see that with every advancing day you can see newer technologies that are making advancements and coming up in the world for people. But this is just not it. Initially as more technology makes way for education, it is increasingly getting mechanical. The meaning of education too is changing with time. You may wonder that “what does education to you and your future”; but you are just not the only ones who are wondering. But a basic advantage that we get these days is the quality information and help from various companies who solely work for our help and good. This is a major development that has happened with advancement of technology.

So, to sum up it seems so that the basic of education nowadays is internet. The base is World Wide Web where people can find answer to almost anything they want. This is a major boon in the lives of mankind. Earlier even letters used to take days to reach the recipient but nowadays just a second is enough for giving information to anybody that to in any part of the world. Talk about globalization!

With more days to come, what new forms of education will come who can tell? Do you think an individual of the early 1900’s ever thought about knowing an incident in another part of the world in a moment? Or details about a topic where they would assistance in a day?

So, it is yet to be seen. But seeing what the scenario of the present day is, it would be pretty exciting to see what next lies ahead of us. What more could be there!

Education in fuller sense not only means bookish knowledge, but it relates to the all-round development of an individual from every aspect. This is a major thing that should never be forgotten as a human being. It shows what you really are.