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What Is the Difference Between Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection?

by Apr 8, 2018Homework Answers

To get to know the difference between these two, let us first go through the fact that what is moral hazard and what is adverse selection. With manuals as adverse selection homework answers, you will get a better idea of the details.
What is moral hazard?
It is that particular event when an individual or a group gets trapped in a risky situation and also knowing the fact that the other party will pay the cost that is required. It mainly happens when both the groups generally have less information about them
In a market, there is always a certain risk that the borrower can get involved in an activity which might not be good from the view of the lender, thus it may result in the fact that he can’t pay back the loan.
Mainly occurs when the borrower is aware off the fact that there will be someone who will be paying for the mistakes he committed. Thus this, in turn, makes him act in that particular way. This concept is known as a moral hazard.
For example, if someone has not insured his or her house that will indicate the fact that they are willing to pay for any damages that will be happening in the future. Thus, to prevent that they will be inserting burglar alarms or something like that. But in case they have insurance for it, they will not take up this amount of measures.
What is adverse selection?
It is that certain type of situation when the sellers do know that the buyers (or in the other way around) about some aspect of the quality of the product. Thus, in case of insurance, here the tendencies of the persons who are in risky jobs have a life insurance. In a way, to sort off this adverse selection, the insurance committee generally focuses on the fact to reduce large claims by covering the limitations or other factors.
Thus, on breaking down the adverse selection, it is a situation when a party has more information about the other party while the other parties do not. This result in an asymmetrical line of information, thus leading to make bad decisions, that is one makes business deals with the other, which are less profitable or may be of more risk.
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Now let us get to know the main fact.
What is the difference between moral hazard and adverse selection?
Before we get to know what is this in individual terms but now let us compare and know it for better understanding.
Adverse selection is the concept when there is a little or lack of knowledge, thus leading to asymmetrical information between any two parties. But in case of moral hazard, one party knows that they are at risk, and also they know for a fact that the other part will come to rescue in case of any emergency situation or anything like that. Manuals as adverse selection homework answers can be of real help in this case.
Like for the fact that there are two sets of individuals, one who does smoke and don’t exercise, while the others who don’t smoke and do exercise. Now it is a genuine fact that the one who smokes and doesn’t do exercises will be the one who is unfit and has the probability of a shorter life span than the other individual he is compared to. So now that when these people will go to claim insurance, they will be unaware of the activities, so they can’t differentiate between the two persons.
So now when the insurance company asks them to fill out a certain type of form so that they can differentiate between the two persons, the persons are not aware of the fact that this will have any effect on them. So they become unaware of this fact, and they will lie, maybe by saying that they don’t smoke but exercise daily. Thus, finally this lie will lead to adverse selection. Thus, the company will charge for the same to both the people for their insurance and will be at a loss.
In case of a moral hazard, when a company or a group provide with a faulty information and changes his or her action based on it, they don’t need to worry about the consequences they will be going to face it in future. For suppose if an owner of a particular house is aware of burglary in their area, he doesn’t claim for insurance, but instead, he installs a more improved security system so that it can help to prevent any sort of burglary in the future.
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