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What is Batch Costing Homework Answers?

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

It is that time of the year when you are struggling with your Batch costing assignments and submissions. You are looking for a help and don’t know exactly how to go about it.Let me take you to the world of assignment help and how it is going to benefit you.

Now, what exactly is Batch costing all about?

It is one of the cost accounting element without which the accountant lessons are incomplete. So if you know what job is costing is, you would definitely know what I am hinting at. To put it simple, whenever there is a batch of products manufactured, say 500 units of Tees are manufactured, and in this case, the costing of each batch will be accounted for, one by one. But if you thought it was that simple, hold your breath; there are innumerable formulae and transactions that one has to undergo. Students studying Batch costing find it difficult to cope up hence. This is where batch costing homework answers your questions.

Honestly think about it, what it is in Batch Costing that makes it a rocket science! Hmm, this is how batch costing is done for industries like ready made garments, pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing of stationery items, electronic goods, etc.-

  • Prepare separate job cost sheets for each batch of units
  • Each batch is then allotted a serial number
  • All the components required are prepared batch-wise be it the materials required, or labor charges or even the overheads.
  • After which batch costing is calculated taking into account the batch size of the units, costing putting formulae and principles.

So you see there are various aspects to be taken into account and every minor accounting counts.

You must be wondering what is there to study in it.We’ll have a look at the following aspects.

  • Honestly even I thought it was that simple, but when I started heading towards my Company Secretary training, I was dumbstruck to see the kind of factors that influenced the whole concept of Batch costing- the set up cost to manufacturing cost. Once it was sorted there came the interest on capital and storage cost along with rate of consumption. Based on these factors the decisions pertaining to batch costing are done.
  • Two decades ago I did not have helping hands to forgo with my submissions and homework. But with the gradual changes and assistance with batch costing homework answers can be received in jiffy and no burning the midnight oil for the same. Students feel at ease and can concentrate on other subjects as well.

Come to think about it, why students need Batch Costing Homework Answers

Let us first analyze why homework is given.

  1. It is for the improvement of the student’s thinking and analytical power.
  2. Moreover, sometimes pupil concentrates on only one subject and no other. This is why home assignments are given so that the habit of studying Batch costing is inculcated.
  3. It is one way of self-study. The pupil comes to know his weaknesses and strengths and works on it. Suppose, there is a problem to solve on batch costing –

Thomson & Sons have three divisions doing separate projects. Textile division requires $ 64.6 million capital, Electronic division requires $ 44.6 million, and Stationery division requires $77.7 million of capital. The amount received from sales is $34.8 million, $23.6 million and $45.8 million respectively. Besides the operating margin profit is 30%, 24%, and 55% respectively. The current return on investment of divisions is 15%, 10%, and 8%. Now the question is if the residual income is used as the basis for the investment decision, which one would be the right project to invest on?

For the student, a problem such as this, he must know what the formula for current return of investment is, margin profit, etc. You have to calculate the residual income and so on. In such a case, if there is a difficulty, the student definitely needs help and gears up from the examination point of view.

Let me tell you how batch costing homework answers can benefit you

  • Quicker-

You waste no time in looking for answers here and there. Simply put it across the online sites that offer homework answers and get your answers timely.

  • Online tutoring-

There exist an option of online tutoring too. Suppose there is a concept that you are not well-versed with. The experts in this stream are there online to help you.

  • Detailed analysis-

The submissions are not mere answers, but solutions with analysis. It becomes easy for the student to understand as on what basis he arrived at those solutions.

  • Better grades-

With batch costing homework answers help; it definitely helps students to get better understanding and grades.

Some topics that could be covered under batch costing homework answers

Following would be the topics that you could easily get answers for-

Economic Batch Quantity determined-   Here determination of economic batch quantity means calculating Economic order quantity of the material control. This can be calculated with formulae such as -Economic Batch Quantity =


A = Demand of components in a year

O = Setting up cost per batch

C = this can also be called as Carrying cost which is cost of capital and storage per unit per annum

  • Set up cost:

It is a calculation of fixed amount which is done for any kind of batch of production. However, with every given production, the set up costs tend to go high.

  • Cost of Capital and Storage (Carrying cost) –

The carrying costs depend upon storage and disuse of inventory. Depreciation, defective, etc. are taken into consideration. With every batch, the cost varies.

  • Ordering Cost-

These are the costs associated with ordering of material units. The costs involve that staffs who is involved with ordering of materials, transportation expenses, inspection expenses, etc.

  • Graphical representation of batch costing sheets and many more such topics

At the end, it is the Batch costing concept that helps students to become brilliant financial analyses in their career. There are many online institutions providing students with genuine help. When you seek help and assistance for home assignments, it only benefits to do better in the race of time.  Let’s make batch costing a fun element to deal with.