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What Is Autism and How to Deal with It?

by Sep 14, 2016Assignment Help

Are you finding it difficult to understand the meaning of autism? Autism is actually a mental state which is prevalent from early childhood. It is such a condition whereby children find it difficult to communicate with others. They fail to develop any relationship with other people. By birth they possess the difficulty in using language properly.
Get a brief idea of autism:

  • It is basically a group of highly complex disorders in brain.
  • This disorder can be characterized by a number of complicated problems like:
  1. Problem in social interaction
  2. Repetitive behaviors
  3. Various types of verbal as well as non- verbal communication
  • Autism or ASD is also associated with disabilities like intellectual, motor coordination.
  • It is also associated with different kinds of physical issues like gastrointestinal diseases and sleep.
  • Some children with ASD are brilliant in art, music, math and visual skills.
  • The natural signs of autism tend to show between the age of 2 and 3 years.
  • Various behavioral theories play a key role in improving a child’s behavior. Early diagnosis is similarly very important.

What are the causes of autism?

  • There isn’t a single cause for the development of autism. The type of autism also varies from person to person
  • Scientists after their prolonged hard work have identified some causes like mutation, gene changes
  • A minor change in any of these can result in autism
  • A large number of autism are caused by environmental factors and autism risk genes
  • Environmental stress is another cause for augmenting autism
  • The advanced parental age during birth can be a cause if the mother was ill during pregnancy and various difficulties involved during pregnancy like lack of oxygen flow to brain
  • A mother can reduce the risk of having an autistic child by taking folic acid and multi vitamin tablets

How can parents deal with autism?
It is quite shocking for a parent to find that their child is an autistic. They go through a terrible mental turmoil and often they feel like life changing situation. But with the passage of time parents start to share a good emotional bonding with their kid and their mental strength grows to manifold.
Autism develops before the age of 3 and the range can vary between mild to severe. Autism can ruin your life physically and emotionally. Your career aspirations can also get ruined. But there is still a little hope lying behind. Don’t lose your hope and beliefs, have faith in the divine power and go through the following tips.
Check out the important tips to deal with autism:

  • Improve your knowledge about autism:

Autism is such a disease which either you don’t have or you have it. Asperger’s syndrome is another disease which is a part of autism. The problem with autism is that the behavior and symptoms change with time. The treatment strategy also depends upon the family’s resources and child’s need.
A number of programs are available which guides the parents and tries to show some light to a child’s communication need. These types of programs adhere to improve social, communication, adaptive, behavioral and different learning aspects of a child. The best you can do for your child are:

  1. Talk to the doctor about its treatments and therapies
  2. Read a lot of journal related to autism
  3. Know more about medications and alternative theories
  4. Start communicating with parents of similar problem and with other professionals
  • Build up a very strong social network:

As a parent you are bound to face numerous hurdles in bringing up your child with autism. It is extremely stressful and as a result you end up cutting all social relationships. Worrying about your child’s prognosis and about his long term well- being can create worries and anxiety among you and to your child.
For all these you need to build up a strong social network and relationship with people. For this you can create a list of people from whom you can seek help during:

  1. Social turmoil
  2. Emotional turmoil
  3. Informational turmoil
  4. Practical turmoil
  • Make your family aware of autism:

There are times when most moms talk about feeling isolated due to autism. As soon as a child is diagnosed with autism or ASD family members and friend stop inviting them for any social gatherings. It has a great impact upon a child’s development.
Siblings and spouse may feel agitated and irritated as all the attention falls on the child with autism and on his definite needs. You have to train the family members and close friends about the problem and how it can be effectively managed with the sincere effort of each and every member. Planning a trip with another family with autism can turn very adventurous and refreshing for both the kids and parents.

  • Go through the major autism treatment options:

It is advisable to take all the necessary treatment as soon as diagnosis has been made. Although there is no particular medicine or therapy to cure the disease, but there are various skills and therapies which help in modifying the child’s behavior with significant results. The various types of therapies can lead a child to go back to school and pursue a normal life and activities.
To know more about these therapies parents may consult with different professional websites also. The different kind strategies involved in American Academy can be cited as follows:

  1. Behavioral management and training
  2. Specialized therapies

All these therapies are capable of improving a child’s language and social skills.

  • Enhance your knowledge of behavioral training:

Both these behavioral training and management tries to reinforce positive skills to improve the child’s behavior. With the improvement of their behavior they can join a classroom and can follow the behavior of other normal children.

  • Medicate your child when needed:

It is known that there is no specific medicine to cure autism, but there are different types of drugs available for treating specific issues. For instance short span of attention can be improved with medicine. Anxiety, depression and OCD behavior can also be treated with medicines.

  • Know more about diet:

There is a preconceived notion that certain diet related allergies can cause autism. You can talk about this with your doctor and can maintain a fixed diet for your child.