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What Do Most Finance Majors Actually End Up Doing?

by Sep 30, 2015Finance

An ambitious student graduating with finance as a major subject, the degree is just a first baby step towards a giant industry. She is yet to take a closer and serious look at the various career options in front of her, and judge which industry is blooming and would need young, fresh and talent professionals.

How good are the odds?

This industry is multifaceted; it has plenty of sub-industries which cater to all kinds of niche opportunities. The catch lies in spending proper amount of time in researching, locating and landing on the most suitable financial job which is compatible with your interests, skills and dedication. Finance majors have a lot of diverse opportunities all open for them! They can not only handle financial matters for business firms, but also deal in commercial things or they could also be working in real estate plus banking sectors.

The students after completing their major course can select whatever electives they want to achieve there goals at different sectors of industry.

Corporate firms

One can try luck at various departments in corporate along with public finance. The departments include financial analysis, management of cash, credit, investment and risk management; budget analysis, financial reporting, and real estates. The list is never ending.

Banks and banking

Well this sector includes working as a corporate credit analyst, branch manager, cash manager, and officer in private banking, overseeing operations, trust management, commercial lending plus many more.

Insurance and Personal Finance planning

Insurance sector includes claims analysis, risk management, sales, underwriting and loss control. Personal Financial Planning often has customer services, operations, a significant amount of sales and portfolio managements.

Real Estate

The sub area recruits individuals to take care of commercial sales, residential brokerage, property management, appraisals and other estate port folio management.

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