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What Are the Top 5 Pros and Cons of Doing Economics Assignment?

by Sep 13, 2016Economics

Homework is something which many students dread. Homework is a part of work assigned by the teachers to the students to be finished within a stipulated time.  This branch of social science forms the integral part in any business and in any financial organization. Economics is important as it helps in the process of:

  • Distribution of production
  • Analyzing the amount  of production
  • Consumption of capital equally

While doing homework in Economics, you may face numerous hurdles. You have to stay patient while going through your homework assignments.
What are the Top 5 pros of doing economics assignment?

  • Spending insufficient time in school hampers learning: There are different opinions in favor of homework, that it fosters learning in a better way. The intention of giving homework assignments to students depend greatly on their understanding during the class hours. There are some advocates who believe that time spent in school is quite insufficient for a student to master a subject.

Homework definitely plays a key role to build the foundation of learning. In Economics you need to understand the terms their necessity to a great deal. If you fail to learn the concept in class, you will face a number of unanswered complications.

  • Best way to learn discipline for students: Do you support in favor of giving homework? Supporting homework is a way to teach discipline to young children. From the beginning they will learn to concentrate on homework leaving behind all unimportant things. The importance of time can also be taught in this manner as a work needs to be completed and to be submitted in the following day.

People, who do not advocate the importance of homework, may finally make their kids lazy.

  • Practice makes a man perfect: In case of Economics, you need to practice a lot. Drawing of demand and supply curve, understanding different laws and to practice matrix can only make you a perfect economist. You can encourage your child to practice homework, by giving them some interesting activities. You can take them to the market and explain the prices of fruits and vegetables. You can compare the prices of cereals and rice with the last month’s price.

In this way, a child can get a keen knack on the price of goods. Homework is one of the best way to practice all the things taught in the class and as a result will help you to master them effectively.

  • Parents can get an idea of what is been taught in school with the help of homework: It is again a great advantage which goes in favor of homework as both child and parent remains updated of what is been going on in school. The parents can feel satisfied or dissatisfied with the level of education a child is getting in school.

Besides, homework can build a strong bond between parent and child especially when you can help him with his assignment. Economics need a lot of parental guide as well. As a parent you can help him to read economic based magazines and newspaper, which in turn will help him to gain his interest on the subject. You can discuss about stock market and how the price falls with surplus production.

  • Time spent on TV and playing video games can be reduced with the help of homework assignment: By assigning interesting projects young children will start to acquire good habits of studying from their tender age. With this hi tech world, where everybody is chasing towards gadgets and computer games, homework will be a best way to keep them away from those worthless things.

As a result they will understand the importance of studying also. With the passage of time children will learn to use gadgets and laptops in a more significant way. For instance they can use them in searching for any information or for their research work.
What are the top 5 cons of doing Economics homework assignment?

  1. Can be stressful for the young kids:

There are some people who analyze homework critically as the most difficult task to be handled by the small children. Instead of being a motivator it can act as a stressor for students. In the morning children attend the school, and again back at home they are stressed with the burden of homework can be quite discouraging.
Economics is such a subject which requires a lot of understanding, if on the very next day teacher expects to get all lessons to be done, and then the stress will definitely fall on the students.

  1. There are doubts of its effectiveness:

You can never give a guarantee that students do better with homework, and those who do not do homework. As Economics demand a lot of understanding so there are instances of parents and tutors doing their homework. In such cases, homework becomes useless and is a sheer waste of time.

  1. Homework does not mean improving grades and school performances:

There are opponents who believe that homework has no role to play to upgrade one’s performance in school. If you believe it, read Get effective tips from your teachers to do Economics homework easily to get your doubts clarified.

  1. Homework can act as the greatest burden for young kids:

With so many activities including extracurricular and academic, children get sick and tired of homework. Learning a chapter in Economics may be the poverty line or socio economic growth of a nation may be tiresome as they require a lot of memorizing. It will lead them to stay up late and being tired for the rest of the day.

  1. Little time remains for recreation:

As a result of too much homework pressure, children find it difficult to prosper in their hobbies. They don’t get any time to read a story book even.
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