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What Are the Things You Need to Keep an Eye on to Improve Your Teen’s Academics?

by Oct 14, 2016Homework Solution

This is not a new incident if your teenage kid has a failing grade continuously from a particular class. This means two things. First, they are having some problem to speed dial their interest or second;they are really having some trouble to keep up with their classes. If this is a matter of laziness that has aroused from too muchpressure, then parents should handle these. If it is a matter of that second option then, it is reallyhectic issue.

This is a sensitive issue, and that is why the process to solve it also needs care. This may seem like an easy task, but your careful approach should be systematic. If you are a single parent, then the matter is tougher. But “Don’t give up!” You should follow these symptoms and improve their academic skills one after the other.

  • Take a reading test:

Does your kid read okay? I mean this may seem quite unrealistic but if that kid of yours has a slight problem in comprehending wrong meaning then that can be the source of huge problem. This doesn’t mean that you will start teaching them how to read. This is where you will take a reading test and ask them what they have understood. In the exam, a student has to decipher the meaning out of the question.

Guide them in a right direction. To solve this matter, you can take online support or appoint a private tutor to increase their skill in grammar and vocabularies. They need to spell right also.

  • Help them plan a schedule:

“Time can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on whether you use it or waste it.”

You will hear some students are complaining about that they just don’t get the time! This is not true at all! If there is a management, then time will be there. The first wrong step that they take is doing things without a schedule. They are attending an education which is indeed following a system. Help your child in creating a homework and study plan.

After finishing their regular assignments, there should be minimum 30 to 45 minutes of studying.For this matter ask them which assignments and homework are due soon and what classes are there in the school or college next day. Focus on those subjects first and then move to the next due homework.

  • Use online sources for guidance:

If you think the internet only has abad influence on your kid, then think again. There are websites actually to guide in homework and assignments. It is almost impossible to crack all questions by themselves, and that is why it is advised to take professional support. Find them for your kid’s improvement in their grades.

  • Building better relationship with their teachers:

This is an essential step that you should teach your teenage kid yourself. You have to agree that the best support can be found from the teachers. Students tend to avoid them due to fear, and that should be overcome. Tell them to be active in their classes and ask questions to their teachers. This might be difficult for them at first but encourage them positively. Not just teachers but also good and ranked students can also guide your kid if there is enough influence.

  • Preparing with pre-studying:

This is an amazing technique that you can influence your kid into. This involves pre-learning or pre-reading a lesson before going into class. That way they can understand those matters in detail and can enjoy the goodness of repetition. If your kid is having some trouble, then assure them by your expert guidance. Come forward and teach yourself.

  • Help them rereading tough materials:

Academic success includes more than one approach. Your boy/girl needs to take up challenges from assignments. I remember attending many tricky questions. The round-about way to ask a question can really create a mist. Be sure in guiding them when they are rereading those materials or assignment problems. If you feel so, then tell them to write those materials in their own words.

  • Emotional support is necessary:

Children can suffer from fear against a particular subject. Try to understand its reason. Is your child a victim of peer pressure? Learn to recognize the problem. If it is pure laziness, then don’t forget to inform about the result in future. If this is because of the toughness, then come to conclusions by trying to get the reasons why they think it is tough. Are they memorizing correct formulas? Do they know how to apply? All these matters should be learned by you first to solve them permanently.

  • Attend tough classes again:

They can actually take those classes having trouble with again. Consult with their teacher personally. Discuss their problems. Ask for guidance and possible solutions. If they are willing to provide extra time, then encourage your kid to retake those classes.

  • Joining Summer classes:

I know it is something very hideous when asked from your kid to join a summer class but point their grades if they disagree. Share your thoughts and talk about the future. Encourage them about a bright and secure future. The preparation is necessary. Actually, this is a great opportunity to catch up as there will be no classes or regular homework to deal with.

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.”

So don’t hesitate to talk with your kid face to face about their grades. The faster you try to solve this matter; the closer you are to improve their academics.