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What Are the Disadvantages of Procrastination and How to Avoid It?

by Dec 30, 2016Assignment Help

Procrastination means laziness and a habit that is there in some people that make them postpone things that are important to them as well as others.

When people have this problem, it creates more and more problem for them as they tend to be irresponsible and irregular without any reason. It is something that provides only problems to people and nothing good to anyone. It is the biggest problem one has especially in today’s world where the competition is so high that there is no place for laziness and tiredness.

Why is it bad?

It is seen that everything has advantages and disadvantages, but in the case of procrastination, there is no good thing. It only harms people and become the reason for their failure as the only meaning of this term is delaying what should be done in time and is important.

Instead, people delay their work and affect their work as well as their personal life. It is common sense that postponing a thing that is important can never give you any benefits or good result. Thus it is always useful if you avoid getting this as your habit.

A person who has this habit loses many things in their personal life as well as in their professional life in some way or the other. In personal life, if a person goes on delaying the house hold work that is important then he will lose the trust of his family and they will no longer be dependent on him.

On the other hand, if a person delays his office work whether it is on some important assignment or project then just because of his laziness they will lose that project. From that moment he will lose the chance of proving themselves and will also lose the chance of any kind of growth. No company will want to take him tothem and this will ruin his career.

Bad effects of procrastination

In the above paragraphs, we have seen why this habit is bad and some common effects that it has on the people. But there is some serious effect of this problem as well. It is a habit that a person develops knowingly and delays his work purposely.

But in the long run, he has a lot of disadvantages in that person’s life. It also causes the people to lose attention on the things they are doing. Thus they end up doing something they should not. Let us know some of its cons:

  • Wastage of habit and time:

The first most important cons of this habit are it makes a person to lose a lot of time and energy. They go on delaying thing for some other time and this leads them to waste and time. On the other hand, if they delay their project in between it leads to cancelation which wastes their energy as well for the work that they have done. Thus this habit proves to be bad for professionals, students and every person who make it a habit knowingly.

  • Miss out on their estimated time:

People facing procrastination miss out the deadlines and time that is set by them or others for a project or study. This is because they go on delaying things that are important due to their laziness. Thus it is important that you think twice before you acquire this habit. As it may affect you as well as the people attach to it.

  • Lose good opportunities:

Next bad effect of this habit is that people lose out jobs and become unemployed as they don’t prove to be useful for any company.

Management will never be willing to take up people who are lazy and make them lose important projects. It proves to be more harmful to people who is just beginning their career as they may lose some best opportunities which will help them grow fast in life.

These are the important and dangerous effect of procrastination a person will face and is only avoidable if he makes an effort by himself. This is a habit that a person develops from his own wish and can get rid of it only if he wants.

How to avoid the above effects?

Now let us look at few important steps that will help you to avoid procrastination and grow faster in life. Important steps are as follows:

  • Note it down:

The first thing one should so in order to avoid the bad effects of this habit is by writing it down somewhere. Write everything that needs to be done so that you stay in your mind. By doing this you won’t be able to avoid your important tasks.

  • Know the reason behind it:

Second important thing is you should know why you are avoiding that thing. There can be many reasons behind it and it differs from person to person such as anger, fear or sadness. It is important for you to know your reason so that you can work for it in your own way as there are different ways to deal with different reason.

  • Stop thinking much:

Thirdly it is important that you stop thinking much about some work because the more you think, the more you will find it difficult and will avoid it. Thus keep everything simple and do it as early as possible.

  • Take interest and break down your task:

Lastly, start taking interest in everything that you do. This is because if you find your work interesting, you will never delay it for some other time. If the work is forced on you then you will never want to do it. Another step is to break down your task into smaller parts and do it one by one. This will help you to make a difficult task much easier and reduce b=your burden.

Thus if there are some disadvantages of procrastination, then there are also some ways to deal with it easily. But one can only achieve success in solving their bad habit only if they want to.