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What Are the Challenges Posed by Computer Science and How to Combat Them?

by Sep 21, 2016Computer Science

Automation has become a necessity for all human beings at present. Task machine always plays n important role in helping student to compete. The most basic task machine is computer which is essential for employees and students with equal importance. So for all students who dreams of making a career out of computer science must take proper care in getting their bases right. Knowing the basics properly always work wonders in the higher stages of education.
“Building An Operating system For Computer Science” or the OS4CS was designed as a collaboration of communication and research to help provide a comprehensive knowledge about Computer Science high school teaching population of the nation. Five major components of OS4CS is based on:

  • Professional development
  • Landscape Study
  • Teacher Capacity Study
  • Stories from Field
  • CS in Schools Study
  • Design Studio

All these components can be easily examined independently. But when considered together all these complement each other.
Some of the challenges faced:

  • No shared understanding about computer science exists. There is no commonly accepted definition for computer science. This always leave scopes for teachers, school leaders, PD providers and students to interpret it in various ways. According to some, computer science is an application, for others its programming and still many more describe it as modeling, logic and problem solving. These different point of views create inconsistency in information when communication to parents.
  • More comprehensive, instructional as well as quality based resources are needed. These instructional materials must reflect growing knowledge about student’s education, their designing and implementing skills and many more. Teachers as well as students ae equally benefitted by accessing well designed materials for instruction. These materials support job embedded professional teacher development besides providing teachers with assessment tools.
  • Computer science teacher are often subject to isolation. They don’t have colleagues with whom they can share their ideas. It is recommended to build face-to face sustainable online networks.
  • More computer science teachers are recommended to proper development and deployment of strategies among the students. The gender gap must be cut short which would benefit the students irrespective of their upbringing.

Fundamentals to cover:
Some of the areas that must be covered by the computer science students and make a clear view about How to make computer science programming assignments error-free is:

  • Typing: Having a proper typing skill is very helpful for students in classes to help them take notes on the lectures of their teachers. Almost every student has access to laptops in their respective classes and it is not only limited to universities. Even primary schools are encouraging the use of laptops for students to have a fast typing skill from their grassroots levels of education.
  • Processing through MS Word: Universities have shunned the use of MS Word, which is the platform through with students are able to take additional help for typing. By using autocorrect and grammar check features in MS Word, students are not going to get a proper hold on their vocabulary skills. It is therefore important for the students to type with efficiency to avoid minimum error in their sentence framing skills.
  • Spreadsheets: Student have been accustomed with the concept of using spreadsheet packages effectively which would help them in the long run. They must have the knowledge about applying formulas with full effect and using graphical functions with ease.
  • PowerPoint: PowerPoint presentations are an important medium to present surveys, group meetings and conferences. One must know how to create a PowerPoint presentation with proper focus. Creating presentations are a common part of coursework.
  • Electronic calendar: The use of online calendars has before quite frequent nowadays due to the growth of electronic media radically. Almost every schools and business groups use online calendars to let their clients know about the important dates of their business calendar. For students, these calendars are very helpful in helping them keep track of hours, manage time and many more.
  • Emails: For easy and fast communications via internet, Emails have been the indispensable mode of communication. All students must be well equipped to have the proper etiquette for communicating with teachers using Emails. With the inclusion of briefness and proper reply to all, emails are more effective than ever before.
  • Knowledge out basic maintenance: All student must have a proper knowledge about how a computer helps in communicating with the rest of the world. Weather be it a plugged in network or wireless network connection, how do they work? A student must know them all. They must know how to regularly update software in them pc which would keep their computers safe from vulnerabilities. Checking for viruses and substituting printer papers are some of the basic skills that all student must be capable of conducting without anyone’s supervision.
  • Using database: Most of the new companies that are coming up are keeping their focus on exploiting various databases. Students help have the knowledge about tackling database security issues. Like keeping track of passwords or generating new stable ones and changing them regularly for protection from techno geeks. What effect their actions have on the database, must be understandable to them.
  • Knowledge about social networking sites: The entire student must be familiar with the use of social networking sites. These sites are not only helpful for studies but can be very helpful in hunting for jobs. Many professional companies use the help of social media to find their employees. Identify your appropriate skills and update your profiles with proper insight about computers.