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Ways to Create an Atmosphere of Self-Learning

by Aug 28, 2016Assignment Help

In today’s world where spoon feeding is the leading trend, self-learning has become a thing of the past. Self-learning is more like a thing that helps you do your work yourself, rather helps you without any external help or external guidance. You, in yourself, will be capable enough to study yourself and learn things on your own. What is education actually for? Education is meant to make you well versed and knowledgeable and self-learning accentuates just that. So, for a person who wishes to be self-learned, the trick is, to study for themselves and, try things for themselves before jumping to conclusions.
Why should one go for self-learning?
Self-learning is something that everybody should go for because of the following reasons:

  • Self-learning increases your versatility and helps you handle things yourself and make you self-sufficient on your own accord. With self-learning, you can easily bowl anyone over with your supreme confidence and know of things. You will be an individual who knows what he or she is doing without the interference of others.
  • Self-learning makes you more able to tackle situations of every kind. You become kind of invincible because you know that whatever you have done, you’ve done it on your own accord without the fear of having not done what you felt like.
  • Self-learning makes one more confident than one realizes and confidence, as we all know by now, is the key to success. Confidence makes you stand out of the rest and it is so special because self-learning increases your love and believe it or not self-love is something that isn’t very easy to achieve and if you are indeed achieving it then make sure not to let it go.
  • Self-learning makes your knowledge wider and your know of things broader. With a broader outset towards life and the world, success cannot help but follow.

How can self learning change your life forever?
Taking tuitions and mugging things up only for the sake of memorizing things is the last thing that will make you educated. One thing that you should always remember is that you are not to study for others, you must study for yourself. Studying does not mean mugging things up and vomiting it in your exam papers. Studying is more like the method by which you learn about things unknown to you. When you opt for self-learning, you are choosing your own decision. You then choose a life made by your own choices and these choices being influenced by your studies. Studies are useless if you do not apply your knowledge in your practical business of life and try and make the world a better place to live in. Anybody can learn things up and take tuitions for every little thing that they have a doubt on, the real challenge lies in finding things out for yourself and using your knowledge in your practical life and doing things for the prosperity of your life, your family, spouse and friends’ life and also the life of the nation.
Self-learning makes you realize how shallow your worldly knowledge actually is and also how much of a loser you are making yourself if you keep mugging things up without understanding the importance of what you are studying. Every subject should be treated like Mathematics where you actually make some effort to do things on your own and solve your problems for yourself. If you are asked as to why a certain poet said a certain thing in English, you do not necessarily have to blurt out the words of the guide book or your tutor for that matter. What you should do is write your own opinions and your own feelings on the said topic. You might not top in class or get excellent grades at that moment of time but it will definitely make your wiser and a better person who knows the importance of self-learning in the long run and that is the achievement that you should definitely be proud of.
What kind of atmosphere is required for self-learning?
For self-learning, a very healthy atmosphere where learning is stressed on is required. For self-learning to get promoted and made the prime motto, the school should ensure that they don’t indulge the children in such projects and subjects that stress their brain additionally or make them bear more than they actually can. This becomes very unhealthy both for the students as well as for the future of the nation and that is very much in danger for all the young generation knows is how to mug things up and blurt out the readymade knowledge of the books.
Education should challenge the students not by giving them more stress that they can handle but by making an effort to know their views on everything that they’re taught and about how they see things because if students keep learning and blurting things the way they now do, it is only natural for the future of the nation to be a mass of robotic views with a robotic brain that functions on the rules laid down by the printed materials and books written by a certain someone.
The atmosphere for learning is one in which the students and the people and the teachers and professors are forced to think as well. What good is studying if you don’t make a contribution to knowledge as well? Education is not inculcated in people to chisel them to be rightful robots of tomorrow; education is inculcated to make them living thinking rational people who have their views and opinions on everything they know and have known and will know.
Ways to create such an atmosphere
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The ways to create a self-learning atmosphere are as follows:

  • Teachers should always hold debates and extempore on every subject without prior information. This will force them to think over what they have learned and voice their opinions with confidence.
  • Teachers should encourage students who study without any external help and make the other children realize the merits of self-learning. This way, the others will start learning things themselves too.
  • Students should indulge in group discussions and not ever be afraid to voice their doubts to teachers if they have any. This way, the conventional method of taking tuitions and guide books will be given up.

Therefore, self-learning is an extremely beneficial method of learning and one should definitely go for it.