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Understand Auditing Revenue and Cycle Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Revenue cycle means the activity involved in the form of the sale of goods in a particular financial year and getting cash in return. The aim of the auditor as per the financial audit is to understand the risk internal or external associated with the revenue cycle and take steps to prevent it.

The aim of business managers globally is to ensure that waste of money is minimized. Every company wants to make a profit by spending less. Internal controls by the auditor are required in the revenue cycle so that business houses turn a profit. The auditing team has to ensure that at least five financial statement cycles are verified to gauge the proper condition of the company and to come out with solutions and recommendations. Now all you need is a glimpse through auditing revenue and cycle homework answers.

 Nature of the revenue cycle

 A commercial business or a merchandising company would have credit sales or sales made on accounts that are to be recorded well. Cash sales are to be also recorded well. Sales adjustments like discount sales and so on should be recorded and verified.

The revenue cycle auditing would differ from industry to industry. For a consumer industry, the auditor should check the customer sales order entry, point of sales documents and so on. The auditor then should check with the internal measures to detect any frauds and take corrective action if anything has happened.

For credit sales, there is a lot of auditing procedures that needs to be followed. The recorded transport of goods that has occurred in that financial year is to be checked. The cash sales transaction that has occurred in a financial year is recorded and the auditing process should check whether there is any fraud involved. All credit and cash transactions are to be correctly journalized by the company, and the auditing process will check those processes one by one.

There are high chances that the management of the company to misinterpret or give false information in the company financial statement. The sales and collection cycle is an example of revenue cycle which the auditor should look into. The payroll and workers period is another revenue cycle that the auditing team needs to address to ensure that the model of income of the company turns the profit.

The stock and warehousing cycle involves complexities of the cost and works accountancy, and the auditing team is to be well versed in that area to ensure that revenue cycle model is addressing the real financial issue faced by the company. The payment and acquisition cycle will teach the company to cut down indifferent costs that have arisen due to faulty purchases.

Auditing means a proper check of all journals that is maintained for each set of the revenue cycle.

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