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Top 7 Fun and Interesting Chemistry Facts

By Sarah J Mitchell
2 Nov, 2015
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Chemistry is a discipline of Corporeal Science that researches the amalgam, arrangement, features and changes of matter. Chemistry is often termed as central science due to its quality of merging other natural sciences which includes physics and biology.

No subject is interesting enough to study unless it has a fun element in it and as it appears from the above definition itself, chemistry does not really seem to have ‘fun’ but element? Yes It has elements in it, chemical elements that is. We aim at making Chemistry interesting for you by revealing 7 interesting facts about chemistry that is sure to bowl you over and keep you thinking.

1.    Dna is a flame retardant:

A. Surprised much? No, don’t be.

B. Cotton fabrics which tend to get burnt easily become fire resistant when coated with fish sperm DNA.

C. DNA unique quality of resisting fire has made it possible for us to consider it as a natural flame retardant.

D. Since DNA is made of alternating phosphate and sugar dorsum with nitrogen bases, its chemical structure makes it perfect for resisting fire.

E. On heating, the phosphate containing dorsum processes phosphoric acid, which sheds the water from the cotton strands chemically, resulting in the production of a flame suppressant carbon rich residue.

F. The nitrogen rich mediums give out ammonia which weakens the flammable gases and impedes combustion reactions. The carbon rich deposits are then turned into a slow burning defensive layer by them.

F. Combustion is then stopped by them by devising a mixture of carbon rich foam and a defensive glassy carbon coating.

2.    Graphene is the best conductor of electricity and called ‘miracle material’:

Discovered by two Russian scientists, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, graphene was discovered after uncovering the pencil graphite into atomic thick layers by utilizing ordinary adhesive tape. The reason why it’s called the ‘miracle material’ is its unique and outstanding properties.

A. It is a very light substance but its strength surpasses that of all the toughest substances. It is twenty times and two hundred times stronger than diamond and steel respectively.

B. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, the most conductive to be apt.

C. It is perfectly pellucid, impregnable to gas and its properties are easily alterable.

D. It is a very flexible element, more flexible than almost all elements on earth.

F. It has a bright future in the industrial field, for which, graphene is the ‘miracle material’ possessing all the qualities required in an ideal element.

3.    Air becomes liquid at minus 190 degree Celsius

A. Air becomes liquid at minus 190 degree Celsius. Unimaginable, is it not?

B. It is so cold at that point that when it is poured over ice, it tends to boil.

4.    Dynamite contains peanuts as an ingredient

A. Dynamite is an inflammable material whose base ingredient is Nitroglycerine.

B. Nitroglycerine on the other hand is made of an oily inflammable liquid made of glycerol.

C. Peanut oil is required to make glycerol.

D. Without peanuts, there would be no glycerol. Without glycerol there would be no nitroglycerine without which dynamite would not have been formed.

5.    Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries

A. Lemons contain 70% sugar and 30% citric acid.

B. Strawberries contain 40% sugar and 60% starch.

C. Lemons contain citric acid whose bitter effect overshadows the sweetness of sugar and hence tastes sour.

D. Strawberries on the other hand contain starch and sugar where starch does not overshadow the sweetness of sugar. Instead, it makes the sugar essence more prominent making its taste sweeter.

6.    Heaviest metal discovered so far is ununoctium

A. Its atomic number is 118 and element symbol is Uuo (temporarily, that is).

B. It is called as eka-radon also.

C. It is a p block element, the last one in the periodic table of elements.

D. It is a synthetic member and belongs to group 18 making it the only synthetic number in group 18.

E. No other element discovered so far has greater mass than unonoctium.

F. It is a radioactive element and its life remains for around less than a millisecond.

G. It is not a noble gas unlike other gases in group 18.

7.    Tabletop volcanoes can be created using ammonium dichromate:

A. We would all love to watch a volcano erupt, would we not? Well not the real one of course. We can create a mini version of the volcano and see how volcanoes work.

B. For making tabletop volcano, you need the following things:

C. Ammonium dichromate.

D. Sand tray.

E. Round bottom flask.

F. Gas burner.

G. Butane lighter.

For making tabletop volcanoes, you need to do the following things:

A. Make a volcanic cone of ammonium dichromate on a pile of sand.

B. With the gas burner, heat the peak of the pile till the reaction starts. You can also wet the peak of the cone with a volatile liquid.

C. Light it using a matchstick or lighter.

Thereby, we can create real mini versions of volcanoes on our tabletop with the help of the compound ammonium dichromate. However it is advisable to carry out the experiment in an area with good ventilation as ammonium dichromate tends to irritate your mucus membranes and cause you nausea and fatigue.

It is hoped that the above facts will develop your ‘chemistry’ with chemistry and make chemistry more than a mere subject you have to bear, for you. Chemistry is no doubt a very interesting subject. All it takes is a bit of interest and curiosity to know things to fall in love with it. Chemistry gives you a chance to experiment and discover and create new substances and elements that you never knew existed. It is the branch of science with the most scope of experimenting. You can make and break things. You can discover facts about things that you previously were unaware of. The facts given above are a living example of how interesting chemistry in itself is. No matter how much you engross yourself in it, your curiosity will never fade away. There will always be something new.

For any problems related to chemistry or for chemistry homework and assignment help, you can refer to online assignment making sites like that of ours. If the above fun facts about chemistry have interested you, then refer to ‘Weird Chemistry Facts you must know!’ for some weird facts about chemistry that is bound to leave you thinking.

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