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Top 6 Classroom Management Strategies to Be Used by a Teacher

by Oct 25, 2016Management

Now, not everybody can become a teacher, and there are a lot of reasons behind this. For becoming a teacher, you not only have to be patient and kind but a very giving person too. By becoming a teacher, you literally share your knowledge with the ones with barely any and teach them everything from the starting to the end. And as easily as, you might brush off their importance in your life, you have to understand and realize that you are what you are today because of your teachers all through school and college.
What are the qualities that a teacher must have and why?
There are a lot of qualities that a teacher must have and the most prominent ones among them is that he or she must be patient and extremely optimistic. As a teacher, he or she prepares a student for the life of tomorrow. Not only does he or she teach the students about the lessons of Education but also about the lessons of life. This is why we often refer to our parents, especially our mothers, as our first teachers.
A teacher must always be patient because unless he or she is patient he or she will not be able to handle students who do not grasp things as easily as the other students do and this becomes very unfair for the students who are not as bright as the rest of the class. Again, for you to be a good teacher you also have to be an optimist.
An optimist always sees the good in situations and people and a teacher should be just that. He or she must be capable of seeing beauty and qualities in even the most unlovable things too.
Is managing a classroom an easy task?
Absolutely not managing a classroom and students alike is not an easy task at all. Getting all the students to like you or if not like, at least respect you for what you stand for is something that you must be able to achieve by the end of your teaching career and it is in no way as easy as you might think it to be. The students have to be individually taken care of and paid attention to, and your classroom strategy must be one where everyone is equally involved in it.
The teacher has a lot more to do than you can see. It is in no way easy to be a teacher. Being knowledgeable enough will not make you a good teacher, only a good scholar. To be a good teacher you have to know how to handle your students in a positive manner and know the right technique to impart your knowledge effectively because that is what teaching is all about.
You have to ask yourself as to how would you like to be taught if you were a student and then do the things likewise. Your students need you as much as you need them and just like you crave for appreciation from them, so do they. That is what you weren’t told about.
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Top 6 classroom management strategies to be used by a teacher
There are numerous things that a teacher has to keep in mind when it comes to managing a class. A teacher has to pre-plana number of classroom management strategies too, and they are as follows:

  1. Be honest on to your students but strict all the same
  • You must be nice to your students all the time, but that definitely does not mean that you turn into the teacher whom the students aren’t scared of.
  • You must be strict when the situation demands you to be and nice at other times.
  • This way, your students will respect you for what and who you are and they will know that you’re neither entirely good nor entirely bad and can be both nice when they’re good and strict when they’re naughty.
  1. Your students should feel free to ask you queries
  • Becoming a teacher does not mean that you become so strict that your students become scared even to ask you questions which they have genuine problems with.
  • You have to be someone that they can easily approach with their doubts and for this, you must encourage students who ask doubts and solve them without making them feel bad about it.
  • A good teacher is someone that all the students can approach in thecase of problems and get their answers and solutions all the same.
  1. You must think of your students as your own and assist them
  • Just like you cannot score well in a subject without really loving it to the extent that you begin to understand it better, you must also love your students in the same manner.
  • Your love and care must make your students feel safe and secure, and you must love them so much as to overlook their inner deficiencies and remind them that they’re beautiful and awesome the way they are.
  • In case you want them to improve in whatever they are lagging behind in, you must tell them in a way that encourages them.
  1. Always see the best in your students and remind them of the same
  • Tell me, when do you feel like working harder, when you’re told how horrible you’ve done and how bad you are in what you’re doing or when you’re told how badly you’ve done and how much better you’re capable of?
  • I’m sure the second option is the one.
  • This is why you must always see the best in your students and remind them of their qualities even if they tend to forget it.
  1. Praise your students when they do well
  • You must always praise your students whenever they do well.
  • This will not only increase their self-confidence but also make them work harder and try and do better than they now have.
  • You have a definite set of expectations as a teacher, and when you praise your students, it should be when they meet those expectations.
  • This way not only will they know what you expect of them and how they have to work but also let them know that you’re watching, very closely that too.
  1. Make your classes more interesting not by just following the book blindly
  • Now, how do you find a subject interesting? It’s obvious that when it catches your eye and you know more about it is when you find it interesting.
  • So, when you hold a class on whichever subject that it is, you must pre-research on the chapter and while teaching, you must incorporate all the interesting information in your teachings.
  • This way not only will your students connect to you but also find the subject as interesting and easy to study as you do and what more does a teacher want than the class scoring well?