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Tips to Complete a Complex Project Overnight

by Nov 6, 2016Assignment Help

More often than not, as a student, you may find yourself in a sticky situation like ‘having to complete an entire project with only one night left till it needs to be submitted’. You may notice how your friends have been successful, but somehow you still have portions to complete in class just before submitting it.
While it is not recommended that projects be left till the absolutely last moment to complete, there are ways in which it can be done. Though, it would be wise to remember, that if the aim is to get good marks with minimum effort, this will not be possible. However, you can aim to pass at the very least.
Tips to Complete Projects

  1. Try to Get an Extension
  • Firstly, projects should not be kept till the last moment unless you have a genuine reason; personal problems or illness.
  • If you have a real reason for not being able to complete work within the given deadline, then it is wise to ask the teacher for an extension.
  • This will work if you aren’t someone who slacks off on assignments often.
  • However, if you’ve simply forgotten, do not display your lack of interest in important work to the teacher. The trick here will be to come up with a convincing excuse.
  • Even a day’s extension will be more than enough to at least go over the assignment one more time and ensure that there are minimal mistakes and all issues have been taken care of.
  • While asking for an extension, be apologetic. The teacher is not obligated to grant you one, but you are obligated to follow class rules like everyone else.
  • Therefore, in order to get special permission and more time unlike the other students, you will need to be apologetic.
  • Sometimes, honesty works miracles. Depending on the mood your teacher is in that day and your general behaviour in class. He/she might accept that sometimes students are allowed to forget homework or assignments.
  • Of course, there is no guarantee that an extension will be granted. So, it is best to have the project completed by the time of submission.
  1. Break Down the Project
  • Projects can seem extremely daunting because they are large piles of work. Even more, when you have just one night to complete it.
  • Psychologically, when people see a lot of work that needs to be done they are unmotivated to do so.
  • To make the load seem lighter, break down each project into a number of smaller tasks.
  • Set a time limit for each portion to be completed and stick to it.
  • This will also help in jotting out a schedule via which the project can be completed.
  • Ensure that you take a fifteen-minute break between each portion. Doing this will help keep your energy levels up and your mind fresh.
  • Hence, working for longer hours will not seem as tiresome as working for 4 hours in a stretch.
  • Breaking down a project also makes it simpler to tackle because problems can be effectively identified and solved.
  • Doing research is also easier since you can find information online on each specific topic and add it to your project.
  • Using this method is great when you’re trying to figure out how to avoid the last day pressure of assignments.
  1. Eliminate Distractions
  • When trying to do any large amount of work within a very limited time span, the trick is to be completely immersed in the task at hand.
  • Full concentration is absolutely essential.
  • To do so, eliminate every single distraction that is present.
  • Refrain from going on social media, answering phone calls or browsing the internet aimlessly.
  • Do not play games, take unnecessary breaks or extend your breaks beyond the limit you have set for yourself.
  • Many students enjoy listening to music while Thisis not adviced since it requires your brain to focus on two things at the same time which will tire you out even faster.
  • Ask parents and siblings not to bother you unless it is absolutely
  • While taking a break indulge in the things you enjoy but remember to rest your eyes. It’s going to be a long night trying to complete everything, and the stress will not disappear till all your work is done.
  1. Ask for Help
  • The best way to get a job done is to delegate work.
  • If you have close friends or siblings who are willing to help you, ask them for a little assistance.
  • By simply organizing papers or sticking pictures or writing headers, this assistance can be extremely beneficial and save a lot of time.
  • Having a friend is also beneficial in case there are any issues or a problem that cannot be easily figured out.
  • Since they have done the project as well, they may have more of
  • Do not be shy or ashamed to ask for help; a true friend will be more than willing to lend as much help as possible in a time of need.
  • If there are questions that cannot be figured out, ask the teacher or professor to be a guide. This may be mildly inconvenient, but most will be willing to reiterate what needs to be done.
  1. Make Time for Revision
  • What most students skip when doing last minute work is making time to revise.
  • There is no knowing how many mistakes are present in your project when working reallyquickly since you are unable to focus completely.
  • This is why it is extremely important to go over the project at least once before submitting it.
  • Skim through it to correct any glaring mistakes. The more in-depth revision is done, the less likely it is that marks will be cut for any errors.

These suggestions are not fool proof and would require a lot of grit and determination on your part. Do not make this a habit! Try to start early and give yourself enough time to study or complete assignments! This way you can earn the grades that are deserved and make a good impression on your teachers. Last minute work will not pay off forlong-term success!