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Tips for Parents on How Making Homework Time Fun for Children

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Are your children getting bored with homework? Well, this is a common issue with all children these days. Sometimes it proves difficult getting our children sit down for doing homework. Being parents, we have to play the role as homeworkenforcers when our children are interested in doing any other things besides homework.  Don’t you wish making homework time fun for children rather than a routine which is feared by both kids and parents?
For making homework a little bit easier, here, in this blog, you will come to know about useful tips on making homework time fun. With these tips, you can certainly infuse a love of learning and develop your child’s focus. Someone has rightly said
“The worst thing a kid can say about homework is that it is too hard. The worst thing a kid can say about a game is it’s too easy.” – Henry Jenkins
Tips on making homework time fun

  • Prepare a routine of homework

If your children don’t have a routine of homework, set it up as soon as possible. Children perform better when they follow a routine which is right for them. Some kids prefer do homework right after school while others come to thehome and take rest before they face homework. What time you choose for your children to do homework does not matter at all. You just need to make a careful choice with your children and stick to it. This will help making homework time fun.

  • Don’t provide too much of help

If you are capable of understanding your child’s homework, it is obvious that you will try to help your child a bit. Well, it is good to do one sample work for them for better understanding, but you should not do more than that otherwise they become dependent on you for doing homework.

  • Make it a bit fun-filled

Making homework time fun may prove a bit difficult for you, bit actually, it is much easier than you think. If your son or daughter is an online learner, find out some educational videos that can help learning new things in an enjoyable way. Moreover, if your child is facing difficulty in memorizing certain equations for a test, help them by composing a goofy song. This will make your kids more relax, and they can learn things easily.

  • Be a time management expert

High school and middle school students are required to make a balance with extra-curricular activities and academic sessions. You can help your child making an online schedule or in a whiteboard- whatever proves easy for your children to understand. Make sure to include homework time in the school routine that will help your children to manage time for doing homework when he or she is free. After several months, your children will do homework in a manageable way without taking your help. After all,
“Action without thinking is the cause of every failure”

  • Provide a dedicated, homework-friendly area

A dedicated and homework-friendly environment will restrict your child’s distraction and encourage them to focus on the task. Moreover, it will also help making homework a fun activity.

  • Prepare them for big projects

Children in high schools are given long-term assignments or projects to complete such as essay assigned, research paper, etc. It is easy to delay and then finding your children in a panic position when only a few days left for project submission. Being a parent, you need to help them out by making a plan so that they can complete a piece of assignment every week such as research on certain things, taking the help of the library books and materials, etc. Doing each piece of assignment every week will keep your project on track and help to reduce last minute anxiety.

  • Take everything into consideration

If your children are preparing to go tocollege, make sure that your children choose the right mix of classes and see what type of support is available at the institution. For better judgement, you can fix an appointment with the school counsellor to discuss on these matters. This will ensure that you are choosing the right school.

  • Choose to take a break

For making homework time fun activity, it is really important that you give them some break time in the middle of homework. Research has shown that students don’t like to concentrate on one thing for a long time. You should not force your children to finish all homework in just one sitting; rather you should give 20 to 30 minutes of break time to get a snack, check phone calls and so on. By doing this, they will complain less about homework and become more productive.

  • Not good in math and science, don’t tell this to your children

If your children are not good in any subject, don’t tell them or make them understand that they are weak in this, because you know they can do it. If you cannot provide them the necessary guidance in respect of any subject, look for online help or other outside resources like videos, tutorials, etc. That can provide your children detail concept about the subject. This will not only improve the knowledge of your children on the subject but also help on making homework time fun.

  • Inform the teacher about any problem

If your child has been working on theparticular problem for a long time and not getting asolution for it, it is the time to write a note to the teacher and inform him or her about it. The teacher will be glad to provide help to your children in solving a problem.

  • Celebrate your child’s success

When you child achieves good grade or complete big homework assignments, he or she definitelydeserves recognition. Celebrate it with something that really please your children; maybe it is their favourite dessert or ice cream at the ice cream shop. Appreciating your child’s success will encourage him or her doing better.
“Don’t wait for perfection as excellence is good enough”
Following these above-mentioned tips will help you making homework time fun for your children. However, you should always remember that you should not be too serious with your child’s homework. There are many important things in life other than grades and homework. Too much pressure will destroy your child’s love for learning. So just be calm and make doing homework a fun activity.
If you have any other idea on making homework time fun, please share your thought with us. We will be delighted to know more from you. Thank you!