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The Importance of Completing Economics Homework on Time

By Michelle Johnson
28 Aug, 2016
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For some economics is a rather simple and interesting subject in which they can score well and increase their grade point average. For others, economics is a boring and drab subject that they are forced to study. Whichever mindsetyou to belong to; economics is a subject that you have chosen to study, and the homework given to you is work that you will eventually have to complete. If you lack the motivation, here are multiple reasons why it is important for you to complete your economics homework on time, as well as, a number of ways in which you can do so.
Why completing homework on time is important

  • Better grades:

Completing your homework on time ensures that you do not lose out on any marks in the long run. If you have worked really hard, but end up submitting your assignments and homework late, it is likely that you teacher will cut a few marks from your work for tardiness. Submitting your work early or on time, might even earn you a few extra points for punctuality.

  • Sense of responsibility:

You are responsible for your own work. Understanding your responsibilities and handling them well shows your strength of character, willpower, focus and determination. The better you handle your time, the more naturally responsible you become and people will admire you for that.

  • Less stress:

Many students think that they can only complete their work under a panic-stricken deadline. However, if they manage their time well, start early and do the required amount of work, they will be able to finish their homework on time. Doing so will not cause them as much stress and pressure, and they are less likely to make a variety of common mistakes. In turn, this leads to them obtaining a better grade.

  • More thorough work:

If you start your assignment on time, you will have more time to do the necessary research and add to your project significantly. At the end of your homework, you will also have more time to make a couple of revisions, add or exclude anything that is required and make corrections to any mistakes that you have made.

  • Accomplish more:

Being able to handle your study well, with enough breaks and refreshment, will help you complete more amount of work within a limited time period. This is possible if you space out your assignments and not try to cram everything in; it is also essential that you stay focused on your goal of completing as much as possible without stressing yourself out.
How to complete your work on time

  1. Plan out your study schedule:
  • Before you begin your homework, it is important that you figure out what you are going to do first and why.
  • Organize your homework according to importance and relevance. Assemble your work or make a list of all the work you need to get according to the deadline and importance.
  • Always complete the most difficult tasks first. This is when you will have the most focus and energy. Easier assignments will not require much concentration.
  • Make a list of the homework you have left to complete, homework that you have completed, and what work you need to make adjustments to. This will allow you to a lot the required amount of time for each.
  • Create an efficient schedule that you can follow on a daily basis to ensure that you cover all your bases for that day.
  • Allow your schedule to be flexible so that you can complete any extra assignments, or if you are struggling with a particular assignment.
  • Keep your notes, texts and other material in a place that is easily accessible.
  • Organize everything on your table so that they are easy to find, and you will not have to waste a lot of time looking for a particular note or pen or anything else.
  • Allot a standard amount of time for each piece of homework. If you know one assignment is more tasking than another, set a longer time span for that work. If you work within a reasonable time limit, you will be able to complete whatever you set out to do.
  • Go through your assignment topic before you begin to check if there are any possible problems you may run into.
  • Once you have identified a problem, think of a way to approach and solve it while you are working. Prepare yourself for any eventuality while doing your homework.
  • Choose an area to study in that is quiet, cool and well lit.
  • Most students get hungry while they study; if you know this will happen to you, keep light provisions handy so that you do not have to waste a lot of time looking for something to munch on.
  1. Do your homework efficiently:
  • If you have multiple choices for a homework topic, then ensure that you do not pick the easiest one. This does not mean that you pick a topic that you have no interest in or understanding of.
  • Pick topics that require a relative amount of research, and something that you can manage completing within a stipulated amount of time while not compromising on the quality of the work you submit.
  • It is very important that you do a sufficient amount of research for all your economics homework.
  • Understand your topic through before you begin an assignment.
  • If there is a problem you encounter that you are simply unable to solve, move on to something else and come back to the problem later – when your mind is more relaxed and refreshed. If you still cannot solve it, waste no more time and ask someone for assistance.
  • Take a break every hour or two. This will keep your energy up and your mind relaxed. If you try to do all your work without any breaks, it will drain your energy and focus and you will take even longer to complete your work.
  • Set reasonable goals for yourself. Do not set goals that are difficult to reach or impossible. Set goals according to the amount of time you have available that day, and the amount of work you need to complete. Being able to achieve a goal, however small, will boost your confidence and determination to do more work.
  1. Ask for help whenever necessary:
  • While the teacher is dictating the homework your need to do and you do not understand it, immediately ask for more of an explanation.
  • If the teacher or professor has given you guidelines andyou cannot understand them fully, ask him/her about what you need clarity on.
  • If there is a problem you encounter while studying, that you cannot solve, ask a friend or teacher for assistance.
  • Understanding the subject can sometimes be difficult, and this makes it difficult to keep up in class. In this case, get a tutor to help you for a while till you get a better grasp on the subject or topic.
  • Never be too shy or afraid to ask for help. Asking for assistance will only speed up your studying process and you will be able to complete your homework a lot faster with a little more help or guidance in the right direction.

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