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The Importance and Definition of Laffer Curve

by May 11, 2018Homework Answers

Laffer Curve Homework Answers

The study of Laffer Curve is very important for various reasons. It helps to know the marginal tax rates and their benefits. The study of this topic is imperative and tough too. It is a continuous evaluation of marginal taxes and the updated version of it. Students pursuing this subject are always in a dilemma when it comes to home assignments. Fortunately, there are academicians who have thought on this matter and have come up with Laffer Curve homework answers help.
Let us understand why do students need that help to complete their assignments on Laffer curve
What is Laffer curve?
This curve mainly shows how marginal tax rates affect the economy.

  1. When marginal tax rates are high, decrease in the tax rate increases the tax revenues.
  2. When the marginal tax rates are low, tax revenue decreases with the increase in the tax rate.
  3. It is a high point theorem

It is important to understand the concept as put forth by Economist Arthur Laffer. It stated that tax revenues would be nil if the tax rates were either 0% or 100%.
Importance of Laffer curve?

  1. It helps economists to analyze to determine what can be the rate of optimum tax rate in order to generate maximum tax revenue
  2. When tax rates fall or increase, it has a direct impact on the behavior of the people.
  3. It is helpful to know the supply side economics.
  4. With the Laffer curve known, productivity and investment are encouraged more.
  5. It aids the government to know the amount of tax collected by them to help serve the citizens of the country.
  6. A country can function well when the Laffer curve functions well along with lower range.
  7. The diagram reveals that if a tax rate is 0%, there is no revenue generation to the government, neither a tax rate as high as 100% can generate any revenue for the government.
  8. With low tax policy, there is automatically an encouragement for productivity and investment.

Why do students find atopic on Laffer curve so difficult?

  1. It is a relative study which states that as tax increases the tax revenue collection also increases and vice versa. But in the due case, there comestimes when citizens of the country would not like to work further owing to the increasing tax rates. This then results in decreases in generation of tax revenue.
  2. Based on this are case studies which the students have to comply with and come up with solutions.
  3. The solutions ought to be in the form of graphic representation showing the relationship between the increasing tax rate and that of government’s revenue generation. It will let know how revenues decrease with a certain point of tax.

How do Laffer Curve homework answers help students?

  1. To be honest, there is a lot that goes beyond the study of Laffer curve. Come to make a Laffer curve which necessarily has to be in a parabolic shape done on a graph. Here the government revenue is often indicated on the vertical axis and the tax rate on the horizontal axis.
  2. It is the parabolic shape that defines the state of the generation of the revenue by the government; imagine if the shape goes wrong, the entire assignment goes wrong. In economics, it is important that every graphical representation be done with precision.
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Laffer curve study is no child’s play. It is based on the theory that beyond a certain tax rate, the interest in the work culture of the citizens of the country diminishes. They feel all their earnings are going to the government. The urge to earn diminishes thereof.
This study is thus important as it shows how a government can maximize tax revenues by keeping the optimal tax rates in mind. With Laffer Curve homework answers help it has become easy for the students to understand the topic better. So, worry no more and knock your homework service providers right now.
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