Which Incentives are Paid 

Survey studies that had been undertaken in the UK about the extent of incentives have presented a conflicting signal. In the new earnings survey, an estimated number of 100,000 employees are chosen for the survey. They are supposed to fill out their earnings when compared with previous years. Incentive bonus like profit sharing, commission, piecework and other methods are supposed to be filled out. The survey done in 2003 revealed that 14% of employees received incentive and percentage is paltry. No occupational    breakdown was provided. Manual workers were getting    incentive at least 25% when compared with non-manual workers .approximately 10% only in non-manual working segment got an incentive. Piecework and payment by result were methods used as an incentive. The individual related payment system was found to be restricted.

Some surveys had presented a positive picture. Milward had said that 1998 survey showed that approximately 60% of employees who had participated in the survey had got a performance based incentive. The 1990 survey had revealed a similar growth, and overall the growth was on the increase.

Thompson and milestone had said the same thing, and there was a personal incentive on rising. Brown and Armstrong strongly supported the idea that one or another form of incentive was on rising.

Different surveys would use variety samples so the extent of data that is being generated couldn’t be said as fool proof. It is implied that incentive schemes are used well by top management teams. Some times as survey might not reveal incentives would have been enjoyed by top management people.

The Extent to Which Incentives are Paid 6A general assumption that can be inferred is that majority work forces in the UK would not have been covered under incentive scheme. Incentive schemes are found to be growing but only in a small percentage.


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