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Stressed out for Maths Anxiety? Get These Tips and Gain Interest

by Oct 25, 2016Mathematics

Math anxiety is a phobia which most of the people face. It effects even in choosing the right career and also in the workplace. Maths anxiety should be deal with from the very early stage of educational life. It does not allow performing problems at a normal speed and performing calculations with less accuracy.
Students must be taught with practical rather than the only conceptual part so that they can easily correlate the subject with the real world examples. Anxiety is getting panic, feeling helpless, and being nervous about maths. These can be solved with certain ways where students get interested in mathematics.
Check the ways that are discussed below and apply them for your own benefit:

  • Daily practicing

Maths anxiety can easily be recovered with regular practice. This is a very important way of stress relieve. If the student does not practice on a regular basis, he would be very stressed or panicked at the time of performing maths, but by regular solving one can be familiar with the subject. The problem should be explained clearly without any doubt that will help to develop the subject gradually.

  • Basics should be clear

Students who are stressed out of maths are usually those who don’t practice sums from an early age and try to solve sums without having a clear conception about the basic. The fundamentals of mathematics must be cleared at anearly age with full transparency. There should not be a bit of confusion for a single problem. These basic problems gradually increase day by day and then students lose interest in mathematics with time.
While solving maths, there is always a need for pre-requisite knowledge. One must solve all the problems with basics clear.

  • Asking questions during classes

One of the most important ways of recovering fear about maths is asking aquestion. It is a very good habit to ask aquestion during classes through which one can easily clear the concept, and one would feel relief by understanding the concept. It is not at all a weakness rather it is a sign of improvement for the students.
Teachers also feel interesting to teach if astudent asks aquestion about the topics. This method also helps to gain interest in maths and upgrade in maths.

  • Maths should not be memorized

To get rid of stressed mental condition due to mathematics one must try to solve more and more maths. One should never memorize sums anyway as this may be very dangerous to students at ahigher level. Tables, formulates should be memorized in a proper manner without any confusion. If one tries to memorize sums, then he can never get out of maths anxiety as every individual sum has adifferent technique, different procedure, and different concept.

  • Sometimes allow calculators

Students must be allowed to use calculators at the time of solving problems because these can in turn help in computation. A student can then focus on the sums logic and concept instead of repeated calculations. Calculations should be practiced by students only after the clear concept about the problem which is needed to be solved.

  • Student should approach sums

Another important way of getting out of stress due to maths is approaching sums. Students must be convinced to approach the sums at the time of problem-solving. Different students approach a sum in adifferent manner which helps the student thinking about the sum and slowly getting involved with maths. Student will come up with different strategies which makethem get relief of maths anxiety day by day.

  • Go for the easy problemfirst

It is needed to practice sums regularly. The student must solve and attempt the easy problems first so that they grow their interest in maths and get positive feedback on their own that they can also perform maths. This isreally very helpful in growing interest in maths and to be stress relieved. Problems solving on a regular basis will make the problems easier day after day.

  • Choose the correct way

There is numerous method of solving a single problem. One student may get confused which to follow and which not to follow. In that case, one should consider the solutions and perform that solution only which is easier for him to understand and explain while solving the question. These can make the student comfortable with maths, and he would feel interesting to solve the next sum instead of getting stressed or anxious about maths.

  • Choosing the right faculty

Students at anearly age didn’t understand the concept easily, and they are not comfortable with the teaching of the faculty sometime. So it is the responsibility of the guardian to be sure about the teaching quality of the faculty and how much their child can take from the faculty. The child must be very comfortable with the teaching of the faculty which will help to learn maths with fun. This will help to have a clear concept of the basics from the beginning of their educational life.
Maths anxiety is very common and occurs among many people.This is a very bad phobia due to lack of concentration and lack of regular practice. Guardian must be very conscious about the children so that they should perform maths with full concentration and clear concepts. Faculties for teaching maths should understand the mentality of the student and teach accordingly.
The teaching of mathematics should be very easy to understand, and student should learn mathematics as fun so that student will enjoy maths and do maths positively in future.