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Strategies to Beat Homework Challenges: Crafting New Methods

by Nov 6, 2016Homework and Assignment Support

Is it that dreaded time already? When have you to sit down and work on your homework? Are you always trying to avoid homework? Thinking of excuses to avoid? Well, you are not the only one. There are innumerable numbers of students, just like you, who face the same problems every day. They are reluctant to work upon it and dread the hour.
So, are you looking at ways to redress this problem and trick your brain into doing that homework? Wondering how you can achieve that? Have you even identified your problem? Well, there are ways to solve the problem only if you can identify it and find out ways to make yourself do that dreaded homework.
Whichare the common assignments challenges faced?
There are a number of challenges that most students face while sitting down to work on their homework. While most are reluctant because of the work involved, there are other issues which afflict the students and make them procrastinate. Listed below are some of the common problems which many students face while working on their homework:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Reluctant to conduct research and reference work pertaining to the subject
  • Lack of concentration because of the presence of distractions
  • Unable to comprehend the lesson
  • Difficulty in solving the assignment
  • Unavailability of materials
  • Lack of notes and other materials and even forgetting to take down the assignments which are being assigned

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”
Strategies to beat such challenges
Thus, these challenges might pose a huge problem for students to overcome. So, they need new methods and ideas to overcome such obstacles in order to complete their homework and avoid being penalised otherwise.
Listed below are some such ways to overcome the challenges of homework which trouble students often:

  1. Fix a location

If you want to be productive and combat the challenges that homework poses, then the first thing that you need to do is select an appropriate place that would be conducive to studying. While doing homework, you need to devote your concentration, and thus, you need a place which is free from all distractions.
Select a place where you can quietly work for hours and where you can conveniently access all resources. Uplift the look of the place by pasting your favourite motivational quote or any such thing on the walls so that it inspires you to work.

  1. Pick a time

In order to stop procrastinating and set aside that laziness of yours, you need to do homework into a habit. By doing that, it will become an involuntary action which will prompt you to work on it daily, without any nagging. This can only be achieved if you set aside a particularhour to work upon your homework.
Select an appropriate time for it, when you are rejuvenated and can work at the optimum level. For example, do not reserve any time for homework righty after school as you are already exhausted at the end of it. Keep aside an hour before dinner to work on it and successfully complete it.

  1. Create a schedule

Another methodwhich students should follow in order tocombat any challenges presented by homework is to create aschedule. Creating a schedule and adhering to it ensures that you do not waver from your path and concentrate on the task at hand.
Elaborately plan out your study time; allot particular hours to certain subjects and work on it during that time. Like for example, from 6:30 to 7:30, you can work on your maths assignment, whereas an hour after that you can work on your chemistry assignments. Plan out your day like that and stick to the plan.

  1. Identify the problem

Before you sit down to combat the challenges posed by homework, you need to identify the problem. Find out why is it that you are so reluctant to do your homework? Is it the teacher or the subject? Is it because you can’t find any material? Or is it because you do not want to do it at all? Do you lack considerable amount of motivation? Find out exactly what your problem is and address it in order to complete your homework successfully.

  1. Reward yourself

Rewards and punishments work well with any student. However, you have to be true to yourself. If you manage to complete something within the specified amount of time or you do it quicker, then reward yourself. You can take a break as areward, or make yourself some food, or enjoy some game time.
However, if you fail to keep up with your plan, then you have to be strict with yourself and punish. For this aspect, you can enlist somebody else’s help as well. Cut down on your TV time as a punishment, or restrict yourself from going out with your friends and so on.

  1. Create a contract

Creating contracts is another fun but effective way to overcome the challenge of procrastination and lack of motivation.
Many parents sign a contract with their children which allow them to enjoy some benefits provided they get done with their homework. These benefits include extra TV time, game time, and night out with friends, sleepover, and so on.
So, list down what you want from your parents and get it written in the form of a mock contract and sign it in order to motivate yourself to work and gain the perks.

  1. Get rid of distractions

Distractions are the biggest cause of worry for students when they sit down to complete their homework. It can singlehandedly disrupt their entire work and distract them fully. So, in order to combat this, you need to ensure that you have all the electronic devices switched off before you sit down to study.
Keep your phone off, tablet off, and if you are not using your laptop, then switch it off. Stay out of the room which has the TV and switch off that gaming console before you sit down. Ensure that the household is quiet before you sit down to avoid being distracted by the noises created.

  1. Adopt various study techniques

Adoption of various study techniques helps drives out the monotone when you are working on your homework. Create some games which involve studying and use them to drive out the boredom. Compete with yourself while doing your homework by timing yourself. Use flashcards to remember terms or use word games to enhance your vocabulary.

  1. Change your locations occasionally

Changing the scene of the place where you study helps you to combat the boredom that homework presents. If you are used to studying at home, then go out and study in the library for a change. You can pick some other places a swell like a café, the college canteen, or the park. Select a place that would be conducive and will allow you to work on the task.

  1. Pick a study group

Studying in a group also helps motivate students to work better and complete your homework. Also, the effort is significantly reducedas you work upon it as a group.
However, be careful not to copy as the teacher might penalise you if she finds out that all of it are same.

  1. Take breaks

What many students fail to do is take breaks. Taking frequent breaks is crucial to combating any challenge posed by homework. Working for long hours makes your brain less receptive to new information.
Moreover, writing for so long also makes you suffer from wrist pain.  So, schedule a few breaks in between, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes and rejuvenate yourself.
Get help
Often you will be so overwhelmed that you won’t be able to concentrate or handle anything. During such times it is essential that you call for help. You can ask for help from your parents, or teachers.
However, if you don’t want to get them involved, then you can always turn to the internet and opt for an online educational website that will help resolve your issues and work alongside you to complete your homework.
So go ahead, and employ all these new methods and combat the variouschallenges that homework poses.
“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.”