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Steps to Make Sure That Your Essays Are Informative and Make an Interesting Read

by Sep 27, 2016Test Help

Essays, as we all know, can be of many different types. They can be Descriptive, the favorite among all that is, Argumentative, a tiny bit risky one for if you don’t tackle it well, you might as well find yourself in trouble, Persuasive essays where you have to convince the reader of the view that you are writing about and, Narrative essays which are in itself very unique for their scope for creativity and imagination, Expository essays which are all robotic and factual and, lastly autobiographical essays where you’re given a topic on which you have to write an autobiography.

  • Descriptive essays

Descriptive essays, as their name itself suggests, need you to be descriptive and not just a tiny bit descriptive but descriptive in a whole new level. In descriptive essays, when you’re given a topic, you need to go on to paint a picture of it in your head such that you can visualize what you’re writing. If you’re describing a place or an event, you have to write it with such detailing that the reader must be able to picture the picture that you’re seeing.
If you have a choice between all essays and descriptive, you must definitely go for descriptive because of their abundance of substance and the fact that it is the type of essay where you’re not bound by rules of any kind.

  • Argumentative essays

Argumentative essays mostly go like this. You’re given a topic on which you’re supposed to write for or against depending on your views regarding the same. However, these essays are risky to attempt because of the chances of the reader having a view dissimilar to that of yours.
If the reader is for the topic, when you write against the topic, you need to be very tactful in handling the situation and pen down the merits of the situation in such a manner that the reader will be bound to change his or her views because of your brilliant points.

  • Persuasive essays

Persuasive essays are again such essays where you need to convince the reader about what you’re saying. If you’re talking about a topic that the reader might be relatively against, you have to convince him or her enough to change her views. The Persuasive essays are very similar to argumentative essays but in the Argumentative essays you are given the scope to either speak for or against the topic which, in case of Persuasive essays, you are not.

  • Narrative essays

Next in line comes the Narrative essay. A narrative essay is usually attempted by people who are good at making up stories of just about anything. You might either be given a topic or the first or last line of the sentence of the supposed story that you’re weaving on which you have to write about. Narrative essays are good for the boost of imagination and for increasing your story writing skills.

  • Expository essays

Expository essays are usually not given in the school level because of their factual nature. Students in the school level are usually expected to chisel their imagination and since Expository essays leave no scope for that, these essays are mostly for the factual subjects, which have to be written in a monotonous manner to make it sound robotic and neutral.
Also, these essays should not give away any of your views about the topic because you have to sound drab in these. That is the very reason why these essays are there for. If you wish to guide others for whatever topics, they’re more like expository essays. All you have to do is shun your own point of view in those guides.

  • Autobiographical essays

Autobiographical essays again help you bring your imagination alive because regardless of what topic you’re given, ‘coin’ or ‘Dog’, it is in the topic’s point of view that you have to write the essay. These essays can either be humorous or sad depending on your capability to handle either. This is precisely why you must think before you write. You cannot just write something stupid and get away with it merely because the topic whose autobiography you’re writing is stupid.
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Steps to make sure that your essays are informative and make an interesting read
Since you now know of the different types of essays you might have to tackle, you might as well follow the steps given below to make sure that your essays are informative and interesting:

  1. Never deviate from the traditional essay pattern
  • The traditional essay pattern is introduction, body and then conclusion.
  • Whereas the Introduction and the Conclusion are supposed to be of one paragraph each, the body must be split into multiple paragraphs.
  • This maintaining of the essay pattern is extremely important because you are marked on your knowledge of the basic no matter how much of a high level study you’re now pursuing.
  1. Include personal experiences
  • If your essays are Narrative, Argumentative, Descriptive or Persuasive, the inclusion of personal experiences is very important.
  • It brings out your personal connection with the topic and makes the essay an interesting read which most students refrain from doing.
  • These personal experiences, however, should not be irrelevant. They should be relevant to the topic you’re writing about.
  1. Include as much relevant information as you can
  • Regardless of which essay you’re attempting, you must include only relevant information in the body.
  • This is extremely important because this goes on to fetch you more marks if you do it properly.
  • The more informative your content is, the more marks you tend to get but you should never include irrelevant information for the sake of lengthening your essay.
  • This is because you get marks for the quality not the quantity.
  • However, this doesn’t mean that you should deviate from the word limit.
  1. Use quotations. Always
  • This is something that you simply have to keep in mind.
  • Quotations are literally ‘love’ for all. The examiners, regardless of who they are, get a good impression when you use quotations in your essays.
  • These quotations should be relevant to the topic and must be put either in the beginning or in the end of the essay.
  • Also, they should not be used for non personal essays like Persuasive, Argumentative or Expository essays.
  • This is because these essays should not be adorned with quotations. Like, ever.
  1. Nevermake grammatical errors
  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes makes the examiner lose interest in your essay and once that happens, you’re so doomed.
  • Do not use heavy words just for the sake of impression because sometimes the simple essays make the best reads.
  • All you need to do is make sure your essays are informative and organized.
  • Also, well written. You must make sure that whatever topic you’re writing about should be written with care because if you just go on filling insignificant detailing, all, your essay will be, is boring.
  • Never ever refrain from the sentence order or make any other kind of grammatical errors because grammatical errors display your lack of love for the subject.