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Some Intriguing Facts about “Robinson Crusoe” Economy Homework Help

by May 24, 2017Economics

Economics has an immense connection with Daniel Defoe’s famous novel ‘Robinson Crusoe.’Though the novel is quite interesting yet ‘Robinson Crusoe economy’ gives a lot of trouble to Economics students. Yes, it is true that the framework of this sub- topic is very simple, but the main problem arises while dealing with homework on this topic. Now- a- days, various “Robinson Crusoe” economy homework help is available by the help of which you can gain higher scores and also your teacher’s appreciation.

Before knowing about ways to tackle homework problems on Robinson Crusoe economy, have a look at the basic assumptions of this economy.

Basic assumptions:

  1. The island has no connection with the entire world and thus no external trade is possible.
  2. Availability of one economic agent which is Crusoe himself.
  3. Production is only possible from existing stocks.

In the first instance, students might think that there is no necessity to clear up other concepts like Pareto Efficiency, consumer behavior, etc. as the assumptions are so easy. But, this is actually a wrong idea.

Is it essential for students to clear the entire concept of ‘Robinson Crusoe’ economy?

Well, truly speaking it is necessary to clear up the concepts of this sub- topic of Economics. Why so? Have a look at the reasons then.

  • First of all, if you are unable to understand a single sub- topic, then it is quite obvious that you will face problems with other related topics. For example, if you are unaware of Edge worth box, then Pareto Efficiency will definitely seem challenging to you.
  • You are aware of this fact that sections and marks are segregated in Economics examination. Suppose, you don’t know anything about ‘Robinson Crusoe’ economy and in your examination you are asked to attend 4-5 questions from this section. What will be your instant reaction?

Of course, you will feel very low and get comparatively less marks than the others. Hence, to increase your grades, it is very important to know about all sub- topics of Economics especially this particular one.

  • Excelling in this sub- topic will certainly benefit you for seeking higher studies in this subject and consequently fetch you good jobs.
  • You will get to know the various aspects of economy. It will be easier for you to understand relations between producer and consumer, produced food and consumed food, sources and income, etc.

Now, have a look at a few problems that many students face while dealing with homework on their own.

Problems most students face with ‘Robinson Crusoe’ economy homework:

  1. A maximum number of students find it difficult to understand the Marginal rate of transformation. Solving two equations for substituting it in the 3rd is a time- consuming matter.
  2. As such sort of economy is not possible in today’s world, so students find it challenging to cope up with such concepts.
  3. Many are there who are unable to complete their homework due to lack of required time. Students have homework in almost all subjects and so they can’t spend the entire time only for understanding and completing a single home task.
  4. Few students are present who face trouble while understanding Comparative advantage. They face trouble to merge the basic concept of trading with the situation when an additional person is introduced. Showing the production with respective graphs is a matter of trouble.
  5. Indifference curves, as well as production function, are two other related parts that are capable of giving pupils a lot of trouble. Until and unless, you are well aware of the technological relationship between these two, you will not be able to represent the concept through graphs.
  6. A student of mine found it challenging to solve this graph. Check it out!

Robinson Crusoe has taken the decision of spending a total of 8 hours per day for collecting food. So, he can either collect coconuts or catch fish. He can divide his time by catching one fish an hour and collecting 2 coconuts in one hour. Now, using a graph show the production possibility frontier of Crusoe between coconuts and fish per day (represent the coconuts on a vertical axis). Write down an equation for that line segment which is Crusoe’s production possibility frontier.

  1. Dealing homework based on budget constraint is another major problem of various students.
  2. Well, few pupils are also present who do not have a basic concept of the framework of Robinson Crusoe economy. So, for them, it is a matter of great problem.
  3. Absence of proper guidance is another problem for which a student suffers a lot.

Problems vary from one student to another. It is not necessary that all your classmates will have a problem to represent equations in the form of graphs like you. But, there are many possible ways of getting rid of such problems.

How to deal with these problems?

  • Pay attention to the lecture of your teacher when he or she is teaching this section of Economics.
  • Practice taking thorough notes so that you can utilize it for a better and in- depth understanding. You will also be able to solve your homework by following your class notes.
  • Your teacher is the person who can assist and guide you in a systematic manner. So, instead of feeling shy it is better to request your teacher for extra- guidance. He or she will help you with homework related issues as well as in achieving higher grades.
  • Another effective way of eliminating the above- mentioned Robinson Crusoe economy homework problems is by pursuing assistance from reliable “Robinson Crusoe” economy homework help
  • If you have a friend who is good in Economics, you may ask him or her to help you.

I so wish that “Robinson Crusoe” economy homework help services were available earlier during our time as such services are highly efficient in solving Economics problems. Even you can easily eliminate all homework related problems and score higher with the excellent assistance of specialized mentors. Have a look at the advantages of such homework help services.

Benefits of seeking help from trust- worthy “Robinson Crusoe” economy homework help service providers:

  1. You will receive unique and also authentic solutions to all your problems.
  2. The professionals perform proper analysis and extensive research before delivering any solution.
  3. Even if it’s midnight, you will be able to contact them for homework requests at your suitable time.
  4. You will get rid of the fear of late submission as the experts have that capability of submitting your work within your given time.
  5. Professionals also help students with graphs, diagrammatic representations as well as charts, etc.
  6. It will be easier for you to understand the concept of Robinson Crusoe economy from the step- wise solution provided by the homework experts.

So, even you can go ahead and score better marks by enlisting the excellent and affordable services of top- notch “Robinson Crusoe” economy homework help service providers. Be it production possibilities with two goods or economic growth, it is essential to understand each and every small concept for your outstanding academic growth.