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Some Basic Mistakes that You Do While Teaching your Kids

by Nov 2, 2015Assignment Help

Every student wants to grab the best score. But, do you think that parents are getting excited more than their kids? It is completely true. If you think that your son or daughter is in high school level and you have the ability of caring of their study, then it is the most important benefit for your lad. But, as you are parents, you do some basic mistakes while teach your kids. Try to rectify your habits and you will get how much responsible your kids are.

Let’s know about those basic mistakes as follows-

1. No fix timing for own kids-

Try to fix your timing of study with your kids. The first and the most important mistake that parents do and it is their 24 hours caring. Don’t do that. If you will be always with him, it will be very difficult for your child to understand a topic by him. Your support is good, but don’t make it his habit. So, if you fix your timing with him for 3 hours maximum, it will be beneficial for you as well as your kids and for the rest of the time try to make him engaged in his study.

2. Help in calculation-

It may happen that your child is not getting answer of a question in mathematics and he needs your help. It is good that you explain the solution, but don’t try to calculate the sums to save timing. Many parents think that if they solve the problems, then it will be easier for their kids to grab the result. But, they are completely wrong. The parents should understand that they are not saving the timing, but in the examination hall or in case of objectives they will not be there next to their seat.

3. Don’t solve their questions-

Solving a question and explaining a question are two different factors. If you are solving a question with explanation is good. But, how to explain is another important factor. Sometimes a few parents solve the questions without explaining it; it will be difficult for your child to understand the solution. You should explain the theory of a term and there are some rules, explain those, it will be completely perfect for understanding a concept. If your child starts doing the next questions by him, it means he has understood the answers that you wanted to explain him. Furthermore, understanding a math’s question by a student of its own is completely different than it’s solving out by you. It is not bad that you are with your lad, but it is not good that you are solving his questions on behalf of him.

4. Homework-

Homework is very important part. Now, what is the mistake that you do? You should not complete the homework if possible. You should only explain the term and how to do the homework in a proper way. But, if your child is able to write it in his own language properly, then it will be effective for him to understand each question of the provided homework. But, lots of parents sometimes do not able to get the actual pattern of homework and at that situation they can easily apply for Homework help support from us. If you are getting solution of some particular topics, then you can easily grab the homework help for more subjects. Don’t take the solutions lightly, try to make the habit of making homework and assignments whenever you get.

5. You should not tell them solution instantly-

Let him try or it is very important for you to see that how your child is solving a question, he is doing it correctly or not. But, it does not mean that you should solve it when he is doing any mistake. This is a big mistake and fault a parent does. Let them do first, when your child is doing any mistake, don’t make it correct. Let them realize first that some little bit problem can create a great difficulty. So, when he does it wrong and you are getting that, don’t ping. Parents mostly stare whether their child is doing properly after providing the work or does he do the all things completely wrong. This is very common mistake that whatever he or she is doing is okay and when they catch their mistakes it would be the best one for them.

6. Revision-

While you teach your children and make revision of their chapters, you must provide the questions randomly so that you should know the level of their preparation. But, you do not give solutions in this way. How to make revision the different subjects is also a big problem as many children do not take care of the way of revision of their parents. The most important step is being strict for your children while studying. Revision must be done by you periodically, so that your kids do not forget the basics of their course.

7. Make a twist-

This is the best way of study that when you teach your kids, ask a single question in a different ways. But, parents do not do this. In each subject, you should check the solution of your provided question that is it perfect or not. If your twisted question is unable to understand by your kids, you should explain the question, but not the solution.

8. Don’t work more-

Many parents work harder than their children, which is common but should not be done. Parents or a tutor should guidance the kids, and it is the child who needs to work more. So, just make their concept clear and provide them work more and more.
Solving questions and explaining concepts is good, but you must take care of a limit. Always try not to go beyond that. This means when you teach clear their concept, but don’t solve every question. If you focus on your mistakes and then take care of your kid’s study, you will always get a positive direction of your children. Moreover, you should also know about “What are the fundamental mistakes students do in their academic career?” This will give a perfect academic improvement in your kids.