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Should Kids Have Homework? What’s Your Take on the Matter?

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Guess the word that strikes fear in students’ hearts? Homework! If a parent utters it before her little one, in all probabilities, the kid would run away.Teachers and parents have engaged in many debate sessions on ‘should kids have homework?’ And it’s on-going. The fact is that different people have different views. But there are certainly some benefits alongwith adverse effects of these extra tasks.
What good can homeworks have?
Once my sixth-grade daughter asked this question, and that made me wonder how reallyhomeworks are effective. While students at times feel over-burdened, teachers continue to assign them more works.Then should kids have homework? Most people believe that homework bridges the gap between school and home. Indeed.

  • Parental guidance:

No matter how much support students get from school; parental guidance is very essential.Through assignments and projects, parents can get engaged with their kids’ studies and stay aware of their progress.

  • Development of the student:

The main purpose of homework is this – development.For instance, if a new chapter will be started in class the next day, do some homework on same the previous night.It will help you stay advanced in class.
Should kids have homework? Few points in supportyou might agree to-
Everything in this world has both positive and negative impacts, and so do homeworks. Let us check out the positive reasons for having homeworks.

  1. Homework makes a student more responsible and disciplined. That will help in every step during adulthood.


  1. It should be made a habit since the start. As children promote to higher classes, assignments become mandatory in their academic career. If you are wondering should kids have homework, you must agree to this point also.Hence, they should be capable enough to bear the increasing pressure of studies.


  1. The old saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ matches correctly even today. If not assigned, students would forget what they have learnt in school. Moreover, everylearner is not equally studious. Homework’s will, at least, make them sit with their booksevery day and practice.


  1. Few subjects specifically need to be revised over again. The first time concept may not be enough for kids. Teachers successfully train them through homeworks.


  1. It helps kids to develop skills on time management.

Now the other side of the coin – why should kids not have homework 
Don’t scream on your son if he doesn’t do homework. Perhaps he has his own reasons, like most others! Pondering what those could be? Read on:

  1. Imagine you have to finish theproject at home after office. How would you feel like? Tear your hair out? Your young kid might be going through the sameordeal.


  1. Isn’t it a mere busy work? Our idea is ofimparting active learning, but kids are unwilling to do homework.How can we expect them to engage in active learning then?


  1. Only academic career will not create a child’s future. Participation in regular family chores is essential. But where is the time for that? The extra works can also disrupt some pre-established family routine.


  1. Playgrounds? Yes, we understand that has great contributions to our health but dothe kids know this fact? With so much pressure of homework, honestly, my girl hardly has the scope to play.Poor luck!


  1. Books on child psychology say that children should be given enough time to socialize with friends and family. That has a major role in their brain development. Homeworks reduce this time that makes them suffer in social growth.

How to make homework interesting?
What about should kids have homework or not? Well, experts have focused on the positive side of homework coin to enhance skills of children. We can always make the extra working experience exciting and engaging. But how?

  • By assigning modestquantity of workthat would not eat up long after-school hours.
  • By trying out-of-the-box ideas of implementing project works.
  • Teachers can arrange a class discussion in the second half to engage students in talking about that subject.
  • Children always take the pleasure in stepping into teacher’s shoes. If they are asked to check their friends’ homework, you can see the excitement like never before.
  • Drop that disturbing term – homework. Give a catchy name like ‘get-up-and-go’,’visiting around the globe’. Well, don’t search for much relevance in names. They are just funny sounds for your kids.You would come up with something more exciting, I’m sure.

But, the assignment pressure -Is that too much? Here’s how to do homework on time.When learners cannot avoid those school tasks, better to walk the wiser path andfinish them at the earliest.
As students, what should you do?
Like guardians have opined various reasons in support and against, the case is also same with students. While some may have anguish for home tasks, others really do enjoy having these extra works. There are group projects that friends love to complete together. Again for him who loves reading books, finishing a novel is no tough job for a literature project.
Now what should we draw out on should kids have homework? If we can balance the pressure of home tasks, the problem might be solved.Students have to make equal efforts for that.

  • Note down what type of homework you like to do or in which method.
  • Try to encourage your professor to assign works more the way you like so as to enjoy them.
  • Set your own priorities and plan your work. That will inspire you more to finish any work on time instead of stretching them for long hours.

Keeping aside all discussions and arguments, the point is that schools should utilize their time efficiently. Rather than going through boring routines regularly, lots of participatory sessions can be organized in the long 8 hours schedule. Perhaps then, home tasks can be limited killing less ‘me-time’ of kids.A balanced timetable helps make those young learners disciplined and punctual. What’s your take? Should kids have homework?