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Remember the Things You Should Know About Essay Writing to Make an Impression

by Aug 28, 2016Assignment Help

Writing essay requires a lot of skill and hard work. Initially, it demands patience and dedication, but as soon as you master the art of writing, there is no looking back. You can easily create a deep rooted impression among your peers and to your teachers by writing a sensible and decent essay.On the contrary, if you fail to manage the art of writing good essays then you may create a negative impression among them. As a matter of fact, it is your ardent duty to write an essay so as to create a stir among your friends and faculties.
For this, you need to learn the art of writing. There are basically some techniques, which you need to adapt with the passing of time, so as to create that magic in your school.
What are the things you should know about essay writing to make an impression?

  • Read the question carefully, then attempt to answer:

This is the most important tip to master the writing of good substantial essay. Read carefully, underline the necessary points and then take few minutes to understand what you are supposed to do. Make sure to answer all the questions that you are supposed to cover. If you miss answering someof the points, then you are bound to lose some marks.

  • First think then plan before you start to write:

It is important to finish writing your essay within the stipulated time, but read it then spend some time onthinking. If you spend some minutes on thinking, initially you will get the benefits later. It will become easy for you to write the essay at one go and to finish it fast by not wasting much time on thinking later. The logic is the more you think, the better you can deliver. So concentrate on thinking and then plan.

  • Word count of the essay must be met:

While thinking about the essay, check the word count as well. You need to keep in mind the word count in your head before you start to write. If it is mentioned that you have to write at least 200 words, it means you have to write minimum 200 words. Less than 200 words will be seen as a discredit and you won’t be able to build up the impression to your teachers.

  • Similarly, you should try to maintain a margin of the word limit:

Do not overwrite. This will only make your essay look cheap and the quality of your essay will drastically fall. You can keep a range of 100 words extra for each essay, but not more than that.Too long essay may create a negative impression about you.

  • Do not copy the entire question of your essay:

If you tend to copy the entire section of the question of your essay, your examiner may get offended and will not count those words of the question in your word count. Whatever you are writing, try to make it 100% original.

  • Carry a watch to plan your essay timing:

Time often becomes a major constraint while writing long essays. You should not spend too much time on writing anessay, as it may cause a problem while attempting to answer the other sections of the question paper. Always wear a watch and keep a track on time while writing an essay.

  • Re- check the writing before submitting it:

You should always check and re- check your writings before you declare it’s done. Make sure there are no grammatical errors. Nobody knows better than you about the typical mistakes you often make. Go through those areas of weaknesses and rectify them quickly.

  • Do not repeat the words used several times:

Build up a strong vocabulary before you enter for your essay writing exam. If you want to create a long lasting impression about your essay, then stop using same words again and again.

  • Write good paragraphs:

The examiner will not spend his entire time reading your essay only. Tryto make attractive paragraphs using some colored. If you can write well -structured paragraphs within your informative writing, you will certainly be able to create a remarkable effect on your teacher and friends.

  • Write the introduction, body and conclusion cautiously:

You must think for a while before writing the introduction. As introduction will create the first impression so write it very cautiously. You can use one of your main ideas as the introduction.

  • You must add the finishing touch:

After writing the essay, write an attractive conclusion. Before you think the essay is done, you have to pay attention to all the minor details.  The body of the essay must deal with all the critical aspects of the essay topic. You must review the essay several times before submitting it.
If you want to write one of the best essays in your class and to create a stirring impression among your classmates and teachers, then you must follow the above-mentioned points. All these features will help you one day to fulfill your dreams of writing the best essay. Besides, following the above tips, your handwriting is also very important. In that case, you need to remember that:

  • Good handwriting can fetch you good grades along with a long lasting impression
  • Writing neatly is another key to accomplish successfully your dream of building agood
  • Always use some marker and colored pens to underline the important points, as it will highlight the key areas and the examiner will be more than pleased to go through your writing.