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Re-Thinking Persuasive Techniques in Advertising

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By Michelle Johnson
22 Nov, 2015
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Advertising is one of the basic building blocks of trade that take place in the contemporary world. Nowadays any product that a company even thinks of manufacturing, alongside the thoughts of advertising goes in parallel.

There are valid reasons why advertising is given so much priority. Since with proper advertising, the company can appeal to better number of people and convince them well to purchase that very product. Nowadays with growing population and varying needs, different varieties of applications, and products for the consumers has made its head way. Advertisements are always made in a way that it should persuade the consumers to go and buy the product for their benefit.

Here are some ways which will make a person really re-think and have a positive result:

1. Write very little texts that are only important and very persuading. It is the main content of advertising. What appears on the screen to make an appeal to us? Make that as crisp as possible.

For example let us take the name of food in the menu of a restaurant. It is the name and the description of the food that make the maximum appeal to us. So, restaurant owners make it a point and do choose the words very carefully in order to attract the customers.

Interesting, isn’t it? Next time when you visit do analyze this if it is possible.

2. Choose a catchy fontzone fonts make a better impression in us than the others. Well the reason being just how our brains and minds act to these. These catchy fonts are basically quite simple to read and do not require complex methods or much functioning of the brains in order to be read.

3. Use some interesting visual effects and new ones that have some ideas where the audience will think about. This is a persuasion technique that does appeal to people. Like the advertisements that we like to discuss, has a small story and some catchy incidents using which they make a lasting effect on us. This is how product popularity grows. Like it is not possible for every single person of the world to see a particular thing. It is that one person sees it and when he or she finds some stuff worth remembering, passes on the information by talking and discussing about it.

4. Creation of Persuasive taglineswell, this is a very important issue. We generally murmur the creative taglines that we hear. Like, for example the tag line that appears with the popular brand “FAST TRACK” is “move on”. This very concept is so graciously put that we somehow remember this at the end of the day. It makes a very strong appeal to the users.

5. Do not make it lengthy. Long advertisements fail to make an attempt on the minds of people. Possibly because of the fact that even the most patient people are not that patient to hear the whole lengthy advertisements. Maybe that is how our brains respond to us.

In short, you have to make the maximum to the people with minimum time and great style. It is in that way how you appeal to people.

Just a few years back even, around the middle 20th century, along with printed papers and catalogues, television was like the only sources of advertisement; the way to reach out to people and make an impression to them.

But then came an era where everything was available right at your hand. Whatever you want to see, whatever you want to search for, from the combination of 7 magical letters C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R. With this just what you have to do is type in your search requirements in the text box of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and get responded via the network that resides worldwide, INTERNET.

With internet nowadays students can also make a great deal, like nowadays since it is making a huge impression on the lives of people and people are getting more and more dependent on these, some companies like us has evolvedwith dedicated team who work solely for the benefits of the students. What happens here is that, you could ask about any queries that you have while you are studying and we are observed to answer fast back to you. Not only this, even we will do assignments or homework completely for you that to on time! You just have to provide the details for which you need help.

This is a great advantage that has made lives a lot easier. Now without internet life is impossible. What happens nowadays is that we do everything through this world of web. Starting from booking of our movie tickets to shopping, from the buying of medicines to learning courses; everything takes place in this vast world of internet.

So, nowadays what traders did in order to reach out to greater number of people is advertise their products for consumers through the internet. In this way this World Wide Web became a platform to promote goods and services as well. But we all agree to the fact that “creativity” is the word that we look for in advertising. The more creative it gets, the better impression it leaves on our minds. A great way for approaching even greater number of people is somehow link advertisements in applications of smartphones. It is like a smart way for promoting any kind of product. In this contemporary time, every one almost uses a smart phone that runs on operating systems like android, iPhone or windows. Many applications for easing out the lives came with it for shopping, booking trips or tickets for movies or journeys to destinations, calculations and learning too. The list is endless. Traders chose this smart option in a very creative way to link the application pages to somehow promote their products by adding them to those pages, initially which appeared only on web pages and when smart phones weren’t a revolution like now.

So to sum up, creativity along with good thinking gives rise to proper advertising.

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