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Pros, Cons and Much More about Online Unearned Income Homework Answers

by Aug 12, 2017Homework Answers

People opt for more than one sources of revenue nowadays to achieve financial stability and increment in savings. General earned income comes from regular jobs and work that person does in day to day life. This article will lead through the positive and negative points of unearned income with the help of unearned income homework answers.

This type of income comes into light when people have more than one sources of revenue. Everyone wants to generate profit by one or other means, whether the person is an individual or a partner of a giant the company.

So, let’s understand the term unearned income first before we head to its positive and negative points.

In financial terms, when the person has more than one sources of revenue, other income except for the primary income is referred as unearned income.

Aspects regarding unearned income

There are a number of examples can be given by unearned income homework answers for explaining the topic of unearned income.

  1. Person A has saved some amount of money from the regular 9 to 5 job. Now, a person decides to put the savings into saving account of the bank. Whatever the interest earned from the amount in a bank is extra income to person A. So amount A gets from the bank, is unearned income.
  2. Person A buys, bonds of the firm. They will also have interest amount which again is one form of income generation to the buyer. The income from the bond will be considered as unearned income.
  3. Person A has purchased some amount of shares from a well-known firm. The company is growing financially, and so is the dividend of the stock. Whatever the dividend amount is gained from stock is referred as unearned income.

All the listed points are examples of unearned income which differs from the general income of job or regular business. The majority of the generated unearned income comes from interest and dividends.

Examples related to the topic of unearned income.

  1. A person is investing in reputable dividend paying. Most likely, he receives the payment every quarter. Whatever some stocks possessed by a person receives some amount of profit every quarter in the form of a dividend. It is known as dividend yield. The whole total dividend yield is taxed at the current dividend tax rate. The amount of tax paid on this income is referred as unearned income tax. The form of generated income is considered as unearned income.
  2. After serving in the firm for several years, when a person retires, there are retirement benefits. This form of profit is also unearned income.
  3. Suppose, person A receives shares from the company he is working as a gift. The dividend of the share is also unearned income as income in the form of gift is unearned income.
  4. Person B participates in programs and wins a significant amount as prize of the winner. The amount of prize is unearned income. For example, sportsperson who plays at state level
  5. Person A has a family fortune which is not created by A. Instead the family leaves the fortune to person A. The income in a form of inheritance is also unearned. Therefore unearned income homework answers are considered it as unearned income.
  6. Person B buys a lottery ticket and wins the significant amount as a prize. We already talked about the prize that it is a form of unearned income. But, here person buys a ticket. Although person has put money into it as investment, it will be unearned income as no active work is involved.

Whatare the advantages of unearned income?

The first and fundamental position is that person can be financially sound by having extra income because residing on only one source of income never fulfills all the requirements and wishes says unearned income homework answers.

It provides a form of investment where a person can rely on to take a risk to some extent. Because risking with investment by the main source of income is dangerous and not advisable for the stable financial future.

Other points of unearned income:

Although there are benefits of unearned income, there are also limitations attached to it.

People who do regular jobs and business, they do not have such income or investment. But, once the person starts getting rich, he becomes richer day by day if the investments were made correctly.

The person who does not have financial support, he will never be able to invest in commercial properties for financial strength as money is needed every day.

 If the person who relies on only one source of income wants to invest in the form of investment, a person has to do some significant saving for that. Otherwise, the person can go for a loan which has interest, and after a stipulated period, something with interest is expensive than the original value.

According to unearned income homework answers, the form of unearned income is the best for risk takers and go-getters. Some people are afraid to invest in something new to get unearned income as the second source of financial profit. This form somehow makes the rich person richer and poor person poorer.

Financial experts will suggest that one should not put all the eggs in one basket. It means one should experiment with finances in order to get better financial future. Unearned income has shown ways to invest in this article which can be useful to everyone.