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Positive and Negative Impact of Homework Guidance on Students

by Oct 22, 2015Homework Help

More and More kids of this generation are taking interest in securing homework guidance from another source: be it a senior, a teacher, a parent or a homework help website. But is this really beneficial or are they missing out on their necessary education. Is this creating a gap in the education system? Or is it encouraging students to learn to look beyond their text books? Answers to these questions could be varied. Learners will obviously speak in favor of this assistance. However, let us have a more objective look at these practices.

Assignment help is useful for students: true or false?

Cons of assignment help:

1. Kids often misuse these services to avoid their studies.

2. Getting their assignment done by others do not improve their own knowledge.

3. The scores they earn is not what they deserve.

Pros of assignment help:

Before I point out the positive impact of such guidance, it is important that I mention that people providing the service aim to help students in need. How users choose to use these services depends entirely on their own discretion.

1. Assignment help is useful for students when they are going through difficult times, and cannot invest time in projects for genuine reasons.

2. Such services can help users to get in touch with professional experts and gain from their wisdom.

3. Children can get new perspectives on a single topic.

4. They can get all their doubts clarified without hesitation.

5. Experts can guide students about the right approach to an assignment.

6. At an hour of emergency, students can use these services to save their grades.

Thus, we can as well say that Assignment Help is useful for students when used with the right motif. They share the burden which is otherwise too heavy to be beared by troubled students. They are an easy way for students to be rid of their assignment-troubles.