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Physics Assignments: From Most Hated to Most Loved

by Apr 19, 2017Physics

Before you proceed with thiscontent, spare a moment to look around yourself. What do you see? A door knob, tap, bed, bench, hair clips, scissors? Any object you see is an application of Physics. Yes, it is. Starting from the very chair you are sitting on, to the ticking of your clock, is Physics.

Now when you realize this simple truth, you question yourself, how can be Physics be so strenuous, yet this same is applied to everything we live on? The answer is just as simple as this question; Physics is complicated. It is the theory of everything we depend on, but it the application of the same is where we get lost.

But there are ways to change the way you feel about physics. Most students do not know whether they like the subject or not. An occasional good grade; and many students boast that their favorite subject is Physics. But with a few changes in your study pattern and approach towards the topic can modify your fear to fun in a matter of few days.

Let us see how?

Initial stages:

  • Two parts of the subjects:

Physics is a combination of theory and numerical. Unlike History and English, you cannot treat it with the same attitude. So, memorizing the subject is a big NO. Divide the subject into two parts, theoretical chapters, such as basics, unit systems, some laws, and a few fraction of optics. The second part is derivations and numerical, such as Force, Thermodynamics, Mechanics, and mostly everything.

  • Proceed strategically:

Very few subjects have the annoying quality of inter-relation between chapters. Physics is one of them. This very quality makes it hard for the student to follow the subject. So, one cannot start Physics without some prior basic demanding knowledge. Hence, you have to start from the beginning and follow along with the curriculum.

  • Notes:

The inter-relations can be confusing once you enter the numerical stages. To loosen the knots of complexity, students must keep records of the chapter. The notes should not be like monotonous scribbling of the laws and equations, while, each note should be significant of its application and further usage.

For instance, I used to maintain a note only of equations and derivations, but not chapter wise. I used to relate each derivation with the upcoming episodes. Such as;

  • Using the derivations of Kinetic energies in the sums of time and speed
  • Using the equation of force in the derivations of kinetic energies, etc.

These seem trickier the first time you do, but it helps you solve further upcoming problems with much ease.

Now when you have learned to approach Physics, taming the subject is done quickly.

  • Habitual practice

Just like playing every day makes you a master in video games. A consistent practice of the subject will help you develop the necessary needs for Physics.

  • Conceptual imagination

Scrolling your eyes through the theories and derivations, will not help you develop the concepts. For this development, you need to visualize their materialistic happenings. Attending class lectures will help you improve the visualization. Many students also rely on online assignment helpers for their practice.

  • Drawing and writing

Draw the figures, their motion types, and directions. Free body diagrams are a must to understand bodily motions. With each motion, there will be a unique formation of equations. Making a note of all is a secret key to your assignments. While solving your homework, you can quickly grasp the question asked, and you can relate it with your notes to solve the problems faster.

  • Class

Lecturers only teach you the way to ignite the initial thought in you. It is your unique way how you take hold of this subject’s knowledge. Some students find Physics lectures way above their head. Well, if you invest some time to pre-prepare for the forth taught lesson, your queries will be solved during the class lectures, and it will help you boost your confidence.

  • Assignments

They are like a self-test you appear regularly. The comfort and time you spend in completing the assignment judge your progress with the subject. You may learn while solving your tasks. Also, you may prepare for it. Anyways it will be helpful only when students stop skipping Physics assignments.

How to deal with assignments?

Often it is seen that you are unable to solve your assignment despite your habitual practice. It follows a quick demoralization, but students should accept it as a challenge. There are some ways you may like to consider to make Physics assignments fun;

  • Online homework helpers

Many students from hundreds of schools and colleges rely on them. They proffer experienced teachers, who teach in one to one way. So, shy students also get their chance to clarify their queries with distilled clear knowledge. Online homework help services are punctual and provide around the clock service. They are easy on the budget too.

  • Group study

Nothing is impossible if a group of brains sit around and perform brainstorming on problems. It is the birthplace for many ideas, with various concepts and ways of applications. This is an efficient way to complete your assignments.

Students can also make assignments unchallenging with the steps as mentioned above. And why just with Physics, you can apply in other subjects and utilise it for other works too.

 Gradually, you will see that the most feared subject Physics has turned to be the most loved subject. With love comes passion which fetches good grades, you have earned as a reward to modify the subject from strenuous to lovable.