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Personal Finance: What Are The Best Books On Personal Finance?

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By Michelle Johnson
28 Oct, 2015
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Take most of your free time by checking some of the best-selling books on finance. You should learn better ways of catapulting yourself to success and managing your own funds in such a way that you get more time and money to enjoy yourself.

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad:
  • The book is about what the rich people teach their kids about money that poor or middle class people don’t. If you haven’t reach through this book then read this most successful book. Robet T. Kiyosaki has explained what kids need to be taught about money so that they can achieve greater success in life. The book helps you to get off some of your popular beliefs on earning and spending money and teach them how to handle assets and liabilities.

  • The CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso has penned down her life struggles from wild teenage to become the head of online fashion retail business that was worth $100 million. She just says to believe your instincts and follow your gut to be successful. Read through her journey to success.

  • Essentialism: Disciplined Pursuit of Less:
  • If you think that there is not enough time in your day to do the things that you desire, read the book penned down by Greg McKeown. This book will teach you how to allocate your time in a way that you can accomplish some of your high priority tasks. McKeown says that rather than focusing on doing it all, you should reclaim your time and focus on your goals and activities that can lead you to achieve your goals.

  • The Richest Man in Babylon:
  • The classic book of George S. Clason shares all secrets for overcoming your personal finance problems. Read this inspirational and informative book named “Babylonian Parables” as it contains stories on thriftiness, personal wealth and financial planning.

  • Living Well, Spending less: 12 secrets to Good life:
  • If you feel that you need to get a grip of your personal life as well as your budget, read the book penned down by Ruth Soukup. He provides personal accounts of living an unorganized life and tells how biblical truths and action plans can help you to make changes and improve your finance and home equally.

  • Give and Take: Why helping others drives our own success:
  • Adam Grant has tried his best to establish a link between success and how people interact with others. He tried to find answer to the most common question as to why some people achieve success and the others fail at its launch.

  • Smart Money Smart Kids:
  • Do you need some help to teach your kids ways of handling money? Get advice from Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze. You can find basics of working, spending, saving and giving as well as some big issues like paying cash for college and living without any kind of debt and discontentment. It helps you to raise kids who are smart to manage finance.

  • The compound effect:
  • The publisher of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy, has shared some principles that could lead to personal and business achievements. He has discussed how everyday decisions can help you to make either success or disaster. He has provided a step by step process to make good decisions, track progress and achieve goals.

  • Get Rich Carefully:
  • The “Mad Money” host, Jim Cramer, makes use of his extensive knowledge in stock market and helps you to make good returns on investment without making it risky. In his book, you can learn about long term investment themes, individuals and the role of sectors and turn your savings into wealth.

  • Money Master the Game:
  • Tony Robbin’s first book has been released in two decades. Extensive research and interviews were done with more than 50 top financial experts to pen down this book. He has penned down easy to follow seven steps plan to get your finance in order for creating lifetime income plan and also helps you to achieve financial freedom.

  • The real book of real estate:
  • Kiyosaki’s new book has been designed in such a way that it teaches you how to make a winning deal by investing in real estate. Break into investment market for real estate and improve your strategies with advice of existing strategies and advice from the real estate experts.

  • Josh Felber and Steve Forbes have tried to explain ways of achieving your goal through fiscal competence and different components of success like passion, planning, perseverance and ability to take risks. They provide you an insight by demonstrating how success depends on your willingness to fail, make good decisions and get into action. You can learn everything and apply these techniques in your practical life.

  • When she makes more:
  • Are you earning more than your partner? Personal finance expert, Farnoosh Torabi, has explained how women can avoid divorce, infidelity and burnouts as a family breadwinner. Check all the rules for achieving personal and professional success.

  • Live Richer Challenge:
  • Tiffany Aliche shares step by step plan to control your finance and learn how to live a richer life in just 36 days. If you read the book, you can discover ways to get out of your financial mess and enjoy control over your money.

  • The Opposite of Spoiled:
  • A columnist of Personal Finance, Ron Lieber, has penned down all the details on how parents from all levels of income teach their kids about money and allow them to become more giving and less greedy. He covers everything from allowance to cares, first job and tuition fee for college by using stories from real families.

  • The Success Principles
  • The best seller – Jack Canifield and Janet Switzer, are celebrating 10th anniversary of the book with an updated edition. The revised book helps you to know how to boost your confidence level and apply this guide in their daily life for achieving your goals. This includes a new section on how to succeed in the digital world.

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