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Optimality Test by Modi Method or UV Method Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Operational Research is an interesting subject. It involves linear programming problems in order to achieve the best outcome in terms of maximizing profit and minimizing loss. One of the methods that are used to solve the transportation problem is the MODI method. It is also known as UV method.

What is MODI method?

Modified Distribution (MODI) method is a method of checking the optimality of the initial feasible solution. It provides anoptimal solution to the transportation problem. It is an improvement over the stepping stone method as it is more efficient to apply when there are a large number of sources and destinations. Modi method reduces the steps required to evaluate the number of empty cells; this is not possible in stepping stone approach.

Optimality Test by Modi Method or UV Method homework answers helps you to arrive at a minimal feasible solution. When an initial feasible solution is obtained, an optimality check needs to be done. In order to do there are a few steps to be followed that can help in the optimality test.

Steps involved in Modified Distribution Method

  1. Determine an initial feasible solution by using any one of the methods, i.e.
  • Northwest corner rule,
  • Matrix Minimum method, or
  • Vogel’s Approximation Method.
  1. Compute the value of each row (ui) and column (vj), to find the dual variables by using the formula ui + vj= cij.
  2. Calculate the opportunity cost by taking any one variable as 0
  3. Check if the opportunity costs of all unoccupied cells are either positive or 0, then the solution is optimal. In case, the opportunity cost of any unoccupied cell is negative, the solution is not optimal, and further reduction can be made to transportation cost.
  4. Select the unoccupied cell with the smallest negative opportunity cost and search for an optimal solution again.
  5. Draw a close path of the unoccupied cells and assign plus and minus signs alternatively. Start with a plus sign from the selected cell in the previous step.
  6. Assign maximum units to the selected unoccupied. The number of units are added to the cell with plus sign and deducted from the cell with minus sign.
  7. Repeat the steps until you arrive at an optimal solution

Why students need help with Optimality Test by Modi Method homework answers?

There are certain steps to follow when working with Modi or UV method. Therefore students face difficulty when they have to work with the subject. The steps of determining the value of dual variables, calculating opportunity costs, drawing a path, checking signs and arriving at an optimal solution are quite tedious. With the help of Optimality Test by Modi Method or UV Method homework answers, students can get the guidance of Linear programming experts.

Using Modi method to solve transportation problems takes a lot of time to complete as they are very lengthy. Students need to understand each step before proceeding to the next, and with proper knowledge, it can lead to disaster. It is better to let experts do your assignments than to waste time trying to figure out the solution. You can get help from the professionals who explain the methods through examples.

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Difficulties that students face with Modi method

The Modi method is a method in Linear Programming that contributes to calculating the transportation costs. The number of steps involved and the calculation in each step requires proper thought and patience. With limited time, there is no scope for error, and therefore it becomes a burden for the students. The difficulties that most students face are:

Unclear concepts:  The concepts with regards to Modi method can be quite confusing. The main aim lies in finding an optimal solution. Students can get information from books and the internet, but it does not solve their doubts.

Lack of time: The Modi method includes step by step analysis, and each step involves calculations. If students use all the time in solving the massive calculations, they will have no time left for other assignments.

These two factors are mainly responsible for students opting for online help. However, with Optimality Test by Modi Method or UV Method homework answers, they can keep worries at bay. The professional experts write the paper after thorough research and analysis and are plagiarism-free.

Reasons why students use online professional help

A number of websites offer professional help with various subjects. Since these services are available at just the click of a mouse, students are using these extensively. The advantages of using professional help are many as they help with your assignments when you do not have sufficient time to complete. The experts who assist with the tasks are degree holders in the concerned subject.

Technical advancement has made it possible to access all these websites on any smart device, and these have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Students find it easier to seek professional help due to the below reasons:

  1. The online homework help services employ professionals who are experts solving problems with Modi method. They have years of experience and are aware of academic standards.
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