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Opportunity Cost and Profit Maximization Homework – A Glimpse of Microeconomic Theories

by Jun 14, 2017Homework Solutions

In our day-to-day life, we often encounter a situation where we delicately need to make a decision over exclusive choices kept in front. And, we need to sacrifice the other choices to get the benefits from the chosen one. Consequently, we tend to choose the one which is more fruitful or the one which makes us feel content.

The same theory holds wellin the microeconomics concepts such as opportunity cost and profit maximization.Here the choices sacrificed are the opportunity cost and the choice we choose to gain more fruits is profit maximization.

You need to understand these intense concepts properly in order toget-to-the-point answers for opportunity cost and profit maximization homework. But how will you understand these underlying topics? Here is the answer to all your problems related to studies and homework.

A Simple Definition of Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is a topic of Microeconomics. It is also referred as alternative cost.

Opportunity cost is the possible gains that are surrendered to receive good returns from a mutually exclusive option selected.

The illustration given below will make the definition more clear.

For example, a restaurant owner would like to improve the ambiance of his restaurant to attract more customers(more customers yield more profit). At the same time, he also thinks to reinvest on more efficient kitchen appliances or equipment (more efficient appliances provide quick food delivery)He can invest only on one option. So he needs to surrender or quit one option in order to gain benefits from another.

Now, assume that the customers getting attracted due to ambienceare50 per day. And customers get attracted because of quick food service is 60 per day. Hence if the owner chooses to invest in the ambiance he loses 10(60-50) customers each day. These 10 customers are the ‘opportunity cost.’

Mathematically, opportunity cost is a predicted calculation. You cannot find out the exact opportunity cost before investing.

What Is Profit Maximization?

Profit maximization is also a part of Microeconomics. It is a strategy used by every business to yield profit as huge as possible.

To put this theory in practice, companies need to decide upon the best output, levels of sales prices, production cost and other influential factors. By adjusting these factors companies determine the profit maximization.

For instance, to gain maximum profit company might raise the sales prices.

There are 2 types of profit maximization

  1. Marginal Cost – Marginal Revenue Concept
  2. Total Cost – Total Revenue Concept

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Features of Opportunity Cost and Profit Maximization

Opportunity cost is a valuable strategy to help you make the best use of money. It guides you to make big decisions quickly and effectively without any confusion.

People usually avoid the understanding of opportunity cost while making personal financial decisions. If the underlying structure is sufficiently used in our daily life, potential gains are considerably enjoyed.

Profit maximization is advantageous to industries and small companies. But it shouldn’t become a problem for consumers.

It is highly essential to keep the interests of the consumers in mind while implying profit maximization in the long run.

Use of these theories in important purchases will make a person more cautious towards impulsive spending.

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