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Online Taxation – Types of Courses and How They Can Help You

by Feb 22, 2017Accounting

Establishing a career in taxation might be a dream career for you. However, it is essential to decide the type of stream and the course that you should choose. There is hardly any multinational, small-scale or large-scale company that does not need a tax accounting professional. There is high demand for people with a degree in tax accounting, and they also draw high salaries.

There are plenty of online taxation schools that offer various taxation accounting courses. If you are working somewhere already and lack the time to attend a regular college and enhance your qualifications, it is obviously a good alternative to opt for taxation accounting courses from online schools. Find out about some of the major online taxation programs and courses.

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

The bachelor’s degree course in accounting is a 120-credit program and consists of accounting and business courses which cover managerial accounting, auditing and taxation. This program helps graduates prepare for accounting careers at government organizations, businesses and non-profits. General education courses can also be taken by students, including social sciences, natural sciences, humanities and math. These courses can be taken along with programs in:

  • Forensic accounting
  • Business law
  • Business finance
  • Federal income tax
  • Microeconomics
  • Statistics

Master’s Degree in Taxation

For people who wish to work or already work for government entities, private companies or CPA firms, a master’s program in taxation is perfect. Some of the courses need some attendance on-campus. Most of these are flexible, and allow as many as 5 years to students to complete the course. Students undergo programs in accounting processes and methods, estate taxation, partnership taxation and various other domains. Some courses also need a research component as a final touch.

Tax Preparation Certificate

It is aimed at people who are interested in taxation and accounting, and want to enter the labor force within a short while. This type of course concentrates on:

  • Tax preparation
  • Tax laws
  • Concepts of basic accounting

Students participate in programs in:

  • Individual income taxes
  • Personal finance
  • Business income tax
  • Financial accounting

Such courses provide students with the qualifications to work as tax preparers on their own or at accounting firms. The course can be finished in around two semesters. Community colleges often offer such courses, although these are also offered by some universities.

Master of Laws in Taxation

LL.M. candidates have to obtain a J.D (Juris Doctor) from a recognized institution. This is a 24-credit hour study course designed for students who are already working, and can be usually completed along with work. The coursework consists of, among many other things, the following:

  • Gift tax
  • Estate tax
  • Corporate taxation
  • Local tax
  • State tax
  • Federal income tax

Online taxation classes are included in graduate as well as undergraduate degree programs. However, on-campus visits might be needed. Bachelor’s degrees in accounting and undergraduate certificate courses in taxation introduce financial concepts associated to taxation. More advanced coursework is offered by Master’s degree programs. LL.M. programs provide expert lawyers with the opportunity to direct their profession to tax laws.

Bachelor of Science in Taxation

You need proper tax training if you wish to start off a career in taxation, regarded as a part of the subject of accounting. One you finish the required courses in taxation for a degree of Bachelor of Science in a specific field, you can go in numerous directions. After you undergo the tax training courses and get experience in this required domain of accounting, you will find plenty of job opportunities opening up for you.

A Bachelor of Science is basically a 3-year course, and teaches you about state and local taxation. However, it is not the only course to take for beginning a career in the industry of tax. If you enroll in classes on taxation as a part of your own degree course, you may also opt for a Bachelor of Science program in business administration.

It will teach you the simple applications of tax for applying such lessons in an actual business ambience. You may also go on with your academic course and obtain a Master’s Degree course in business administration. It will consist of more advanced programs, and concentrate on accounting principles in further detail.

Today, it is not required that you enroll in tax training programs and attend classes at a standard graduate study university or a 4-year course university. Alternatively, you may enroll in taxation classes via an online university that offer alternative approaches for working students or offer schedules of a more flexible nature that allow students to balance their education with career.

Many of these online taxation courses are offered by traditional colleges. This is a perfect option if you are a full time worker or need to take care of a family. You can balance work and training more easily.

Types of Online Taxation Programs You Can Find

There are schools that offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Associate degrees, with programs in taxation. In case you have enrolled in an undergraduate degree, there are taxation courses in accounting programs that you can find. Schools, at the graduate level, offer Master’s and Post baccalaureate certificate programs, especially in taxation. You can also come across the field of study being there in the scope of a Master of Laws or a Graduate Accounting Degree program.

Programs that Online Classes Can Cover

With Bachelor’s and Associate degree programs, you can get lessons on advanced and basic accounting practices. You can understand how to finish as well as file corporate and individual federal tax returns. Tax preparation for auditing is also covered by some programs.

Federal and State filing is reviewed by Graduate training reviews, although the extent of taxation courses depend on what the program mainly focuses on. Forensic accounting and financial management courses might be infused by accounting programs with classes on taxes on capital gains, estate and gifts. A Master’s or Graduate certificate degree program in the subject of taxation provides you with focused learning in varied tax concerns, such as:

  • Charitable contributions
  • Tax deferment
  • International earnings
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning

Do You Have to Visit the Campus?

Most such courses let you entire finish the classes online. The teaching processes include:

  • Online course management systems
  • DVD courseware
  • Interactive video and audio recordings

You can use online forums, instant messaging, e-mail or virtual classrooms to communicate with fellow classmates and professors. However, a few schools need you to participate in on-campus orientation sessions before starting the program. You will also have to participate in particular tests or courses at the school.

What Kinds of Schools Offer Online Training on Taxation?

Online taxation training is offered by numerous private and public schools, which include:

  • Law schools
  • 4-year universities
  • Career colleges
  • Community colleges

Such schools may comprise of professors who divide their time between online classes and on-campus or faculty who solely concentrate on providing online instructions. Some faculty members have plenty of information in the domain, and they may also design the programs that they teach. Some instructors can also work in the domain and teach in the off season.